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  VOL. 7   ISSUE 4  |  APRIL 2013  
In This Issue     Feature Article: Key Email Strategy for Mobile-Responsive Web Design
Mitch’s Blog: What Are Good Open and Click-through Rates for Email-Marketing Campaigns?
Get the Click: TOMS Steps Up with a Responsive Email Design
FulcrumTech’s Top Reads: April’s List of Great Links
  Feature Article  
  Key Email Strategy for Mobile-Responsive Web Design  
  FeatureHow important is a mobile email strategy? Considering that more than 50% of most brands’ emails will be opened on a mobile device this year, a mobile email strategy is vital for success. Here we talk about how that strategy must go beyond simply the email design to ensure that your entire conversion path — from email to website landing page — provides a great mobile experience.

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  Mitch’s Blog
  Mitch Lapides What Are Good Open and Click-through Rates for Email-Marketing Campaigns?  
  We get this question all the time. The answer is: It depends. It’s like asking, “What’s a good price for a car?” So many factors go into what drives open and click-through rates. Here we list examples of benchmark statistics for these metrics. Plus, we suggest some areas in your email-marketing program to focus on to help optimize your open and click-through rates.

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  Get the Click
Get the Click
  See FulcrumTech experts’ reviews of promotional emails received from TOMS and other companies in our website feature — “Get the Click.”

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  FulcrumTech Top Reads
Top Reads
  Here are some recent articles about email marketing you may have missed, but shouldn’t!  
  Interactive Strategy:  
  Five Uncommon Ways for Ecommerce Retailers to Segment Their Email List  
  4 Things Your Email Team Desperately Needs You to Know  
  Quantity vs. Quality: The Email Marketer’s Dilemma  
  Interactive Tips:  
  Is Your Email Marketing Program Stuck in a Rut?  
  4 Ways to Get Customers to Open Your Emails  
  What Is the Best Process to Develop Engaging Subject Lines?  
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