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  August 2015
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Email Send Frequency - What's Your ROI Sweet Spot?
Email Send Frequency — What's Your
ROI Sweet Spot?
When it comes to email send frequency, is more better? Here, we discuss how to determine your email send frequency sweet spot to best optimize your email-marketing return on investment (ROI).
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Get the Click
Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
Poco's Email Review: Does This Welcome Email Reap Its Just Rewards?
Poco's Email Review: Does This Welcome Email Reap Its Just Rewards?
In this email review, we suggest some simple changes to the copy and design that would likely make a big improvement in the effectiveness of this welcome email.
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What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails for a Big Boost in Revenue
When done right, welcome emails outperform other promotional emails in driving more opens and clicks and generating more revenue. So what does it take to create a great welcome email campaign? That's the topic tackled in this month's blog.
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Is Video the Future of Email Marketing?  
New Email Metric? Click-to-Smile
Although the "click-to-smile metric" may not be measurable, sending emails just to make people smile can be an important marketing tool for building relationships with prospects and customers.
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7 Tricks To Writing Emails That Convert
7 Tricks To Writing Emails That Convert
Here, you'll find seven great tips for how to write emails that get your subscribers to click through and purchase your products.
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Four First-Date Tips... Applied to Email Marketing
Four First-Date Tips…Applied to Email Marketing
To help improve email-marketing results and customer relationships, this article suggests applying four simple first-date rules to email campaigns.
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Are We Seeing an E-Newsletter Renaissance?
Quick Tips to Grow and Maintain a Healthy Email List
How do you get your email-marketing list off the ground and growing at a consistent pace? Here are a few tips and tricks to do just that.
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