Abandoned-cart recovery emails plus Google’s new Inbox app
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  December 2014
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10 Best-Practice Tips for Optimizing Your Abandoned-Cart Recovery Emails
10 Best-Practice Tips for Optimizing Your Abandoned-Cart Recovery Emails
Looking to minimize your company’s revenue losses due to abandoned online shopping carts? Here are some great tips for optimizing your shopping-cart recovery emails.
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Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
Vistaprint Email Review
Vistaprint Email Review: Is This Countdown to Black Friday a Winner or Down for the Count?
This promotional email from Vistaprint does a good job of building anticipation and excitement for the company’s upcoming Black Friday sale. But we felt there was something missing in the email content.
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What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
Google’s New Inbox App – What It Means for Email Marketers
In October, Google introduced Inbox – a new application for desktop and mobile devices designed to help users better organize and manage their email. How will it impact email marketers? That’s what we talk about here.
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Emails That Stand Out on Mobile Devices  
Tips for Creating Marketing Emails That Stand Out on Mobile Devices
Mobile-friendly emails are a must today. Here are some tips for creating easy to read mobile email designs to help increase your chance for marketing success.
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Conduct an Email & Conversion Optimization Audit
Find Marketing Flaws by Conducting an Email & Conversion Optimization Audit
In this article, you’ll find four critical areas of focus for an email optimization audit. Plus, see how to use the audit results to lift your organization’s conversion rates.
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Mixing video with email marketing
Mixing Video with Email Marketing: Four Inspiring Examples and Three Quick Tips
Have you tried using video to help drive conversions in your email-marketing efforts? This article provides some great information about how to do it right.
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