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 February 2008, Volume 2, Issue 2

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Welcome from Mitch Lapides
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Ready or Not, Mobile Marketing Is Here!
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February’s List of Great Links About Mobile and Email Marketing
Mitch Lapides

Dear Friend:

I recently attended a Mobile Marketing and Advertising Meeting and was amazed to learn how "here" mobile marketing is. With so many U.S. consumers now accessing the Web with mobile devices, companies are quickly realizing that mobile marketing provides a great opportunity for promotion.

At a panel discussion during the meeting, a Verizon representative indicated that mobile ads are ten times more effective than Web ads, while brand recall is comparable to television advertising. Because mobile marketing advertising costs are similar to other media – $35 cost per thousand impressions – some companies believe it is worth their while to give it a try. Nike, Burger King, Range Rover and Subway are just a few examples of companies succeeding in this new interactive medium.

Is mobile marketing for you? In this month’s NewsLever, we explore some of the important issues you should think about as you answer that question.

Mitch Lapides
President, FulcrumTech

Ready or Not, Mobile Marketing Is Here!
by Mitch Lapides, President FulcrumTech
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There’s no doubt about it – the number of people using mobile devices to access their email and the Web is rapidly exploding. You need only to look around such areas as airport waiting areas, subways and buses, coffee shops and shopping malls, to see it for yourself – people engrossed in silent conversations, their thumbs tapping away on handheld gadgets. Until recently business professionals were the primary group using this technology. However, now more and more consumers are getting in on the act, too, as web-enabled phones and mobile devices like the Blackberry become increasingly affordable.

What does this mean for you and your company’s email and Web marketing program? That all depends on what percentage of your target audience uses mobile devices for accessing the Internet. So an important first step is to find out. Ask your customers if they use handhelds to read their emails – perhaps by conducting a poll in your next e–newsletter and including the question on your email sign–up. Read More.

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We’re trying something new this month: Most of the following links are additional resources to our feature on mobile marketing. Enjoy our picks!

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