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Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

There's a critical moment in every email marketing campaign when you've gotten a prospect to click on a link in your promotional email or online ad - it's what I refer to as the "Click-Through Moment." In this month's feature, we offer 7 ways you can make the most of that moment to help boost conversion rates and maximize your email marketing ROI.

Do you have questions or comments about this month's feature topic? I'd love to hear from you! Give me a call at 215-489-9336 - or email me at mlapides@fulcrumtech.net - and we can also discuss ways to put FulcrumTech's interactive marketing expertise to work for you.

 Feature Article:
7 Ways to Make the Most of the "Click-Through Moment"

Although there are many elements that go into a successful email marketing campaign, there's one critical moment during the conversion when your prospect is going from your promotional email (or online ad) to the landing page. Let's focus on that split second - what I refer to as the "Click-Through Moment" - and specific ways you can drive great conversion rates and maximize your return-on-investment.

Click-Through Moment

  Is Your Email Marketing in Shape for 2009?

Explore your real potential with email and interactive marketing. Invite Mitch Lapides to speak to your team and to explore the possibilities of permission marketing. Now is the time to build your list that can drive long-term relationships and sales in 2009 and beyond!

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Don't Miss our Email Marketing Blog

Be sure to check out my latest blog on Should I Rent an Email List? And take the opportunity to join in the discussion by sharing your comments and experiences on our posts. Visit our blog now.

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