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What's a valid email-marketing test? Read Mitch's latest blog post to find out.
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Marketing Experiments: Email Marketing

Marketing Experiments: Fundamentals of Online Testing
Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

Mitch Lapides Welcome to 2010. At FulcrumTech, I've challenged my team to help kick up business about 10 notches this year. As a first step, we've put together a first draft of an important foundational paper for companies trying to get their email programs to the next level.

Entitled "Email Marketing Overview," this month's feature covers the fundamentals you need to consider when developing or improving your email-marketing program. Whether you're implementing a new program, or your program is already well established, this article is designed to provide a model to help you organize, evaluate, and advance your future email marketing efforts.

I need your help, though. Would you please email me or leave your comments, positive or constructive, at the end of that article? I truly value your insights and feedback.
    - Mitch

  Feature Article:
Email Marketing Overview—What you need to know before you begin (or improve) your email-marketing program

There have been many books and papers written about how to build or improve an email-marketing program. Making sense of it all, however, can be difficult. I've written this article to help novices gain the big picture of email marketing, while giving experienced email marketers a model for organizing their strategies for evaluating and improving existing programs. We're interested in your feedback—we welcome your comments.

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  Don't Miss our Email Marketing Blog
What's a Valid Email-Marketing Test?

Which of 2 subject lines will result in the best open rates? Testing can give you that answer. Read Mitch's latest blog "What's a Valid Email-Marketing Test?" to learn more.

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  FulcrumTech Announcement:
We're Now Certified in the Fundamentals of Online Testing

As those of you who have worked with us know, everything we do is driven by metrics. We value the importance of making our decisions about what's working and what isn't in our clients' email marketing programs based on valid statistical tests. That's why FulcrumTech President Mitch Lapides recently completed training and was certified in the Fundamentals of Online Testing through MarketingExperiments Professional Certification Program. Contact Mitch today about ways to use online testing to improve your email marketing results.

  FulcrumTech Top Reads

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