VOL. 8   ISSUE 1  |  JANUARY 2014  
In This Issue     Feature Article: How to Measure Digital-Marketing ROI in 2014 and Beyond
Mitch’s Blog: Gmail Changes the Way Images Display — What Does It Mean for Email Marketers?
Get the Click: Frox Email Review: Is It Styling or a Fashion Faux Pas?
FulcrumTech’s Top Reads: January’s List of Great Links
  Feature Article  
  How to Measure Digital-Marketing ROI in 2014 and Beyond  
  Many clients ask us for advice about how much of their digital-marketing budgets they should invest in each of the various media channels, including email marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), website improvements, social media, and radio and television. In other words, they want to know which channels provide the best return on investment (ROI). Here we share a few pointers on how to measure ROI for each of the primary digital-marketing channels.

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  Mitch’s Blog
  Mitch Lapides Gmail Changes the Way Images Display — What Does It Mean for Email Marketers?  
  Last month, Gmail announced that images soon would be automatically displayed in email messages across desktop, iOS, and Android devices. That’s because images will be saved on and served through Google’s own servers instead of from the original external host servers. What does this mean for email marketers? The rollout is still in its early stages, but here’s what we know so far.

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  Get the Click
Get the Click
  See FulcrumTech experts’ reviews of promotional emails received from the retail clothing store Frox and other companies in our website feature — “Get the Click.”

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  FulcrumTech Top Reads
Top Reads
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