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What important information should you know when choosing an email service provider? Read Mitch's latest blog post to find out.
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Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

Mitch Lapides Can you believe we've already passed the midyear point of 2009? This is a good time to take a moment and evaluate how effectively you're meeting your business goals for the year. Are your marketing efforts paying off?
In this month's NewsLever feature we sum-
marize 5 articles from "FulcrumTech Top Reads" that you, our readers, clicked on most over the last several months. They provide a nice reminder of some important ways to improve email-marketing programs.
    - Mitch

  Feature Article:
FulcrumTech Midyear 2009 Email Marketing Report

As we recently passed midyear 2009, my team thought it would be a great idea to share the links to NewsLever's "FulcrumTech Top Reads" that you, our subscribers, clicked on most since January. Interestingly, these articles remind us of some of the most important lessons for developing and implementing effective email marketing programs. So here we summarize what you may have missed along the way.

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Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

Your email service provider can make a huge impact on the success of your email campaigns. Read Mitch's latest blog for the important things you should consider in choosing the right provider.

  FulcrumTech Top Reads

Here are some recent articles we found on the Internet that provide useful information about interactive communications. Happy clicking!

What our readers clicked most last month
  Using Email to Drive More B2B Referrals
  Back Link Your Way to a Higher Ranking in Google Search Results
  Email Preheaders Work, So Make Them Work For You

Interactive Strategy
  Buff Enough for a Tough Economy? Ten E-mail Exercises
  Your Data is Your Life in E-mail

Interactive Analytics
  Web Analytics for Social Media
  Identifying Engaged Subscribers: Unique Opens, Clicks, Lateral Thinking
  Delivery Reports: What They Mean, How to Read Them

Interactive Tips
  What Are Some Techniques Marketers Can Use to Make Their E-Mail Marketing More Conversational?
  To-Do List for Facebook and E-Mail Integration

Interactive Design
  How Do I Incorporate Video into E-Mail?
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