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VOL. 4  ISSUE 3 MARCH 2010
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Do you know the best way to prioritize the improvements needed on your email-marketing program? Read Mitch's latest blog post to find out.
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Marketing Experiments: Email Marketing

Marketing Experiments: Fundamentals of Online Testing
Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

Mitch LapidesIf you knew there was a way to boost the ROI of your promotional email-marketing campaigns by as much as tenfold, would you be interested? Segmenting your email list is an easy way to do just that. Yet surprisingly, many organizations today don't segment. In this month's feature, we share five email segmentation tips that can help improve the relevancy of your messages and response to your promotional emails.

    - Mitch

  Feature Article:
Email List Segmentation: 5 Ways to Boost Your ROI

How can you increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of your promotional email campaigns? Email list segmentation is a key way to improve your open, click-through, and conversion rates. By sending relevant emails to targeted segments of your email list, you can help ensure that your customers and prospects are getting information about the products and services they're most interested in. Here we provide five tips for segmenting your email list to achieve optimal ROI.

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  Don't Miss our Email Marketing Blog
Goals—Know Them to Meet Them

Can setting goals make a difference in your success? Read Mitch's latest blog—"Goals—Know Them to Meet Them"—to learn more. Plus, we'd love to hear your stories and lessons learned regarding goal setting, so please share your comments with us!

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  FulcrumTech Top Reads

Here are some recent articles we found on the Internet that provide useful information about interactive communications. Happy clicking!

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Interactive Tips
  Social Media Is Not an Eating Contest
  Set the Alarm Clock on Your Sleeping Subscribers

Interactive Design
  Video in Gmail: Design Tests and Implications for Email Marketing
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