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VOL. 4  ISSUE 5 MAY 2010
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Before you even think about marketing, you'd better be sure you're delivering the best products/services possible. Read Mitch's latest blog post to find out how his last haircut was a rather scary reminder of this important lesson.
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    How to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Email Marketing, Part II: 5 Steps to Facebook Success
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Marketing Experiments: Email Marketing

Marketing Experiments: Fundamentals of Online Testing
Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

Mitch LapidesIn January 2010, the social media Web site Facebook drew almost 134 million unique visitors. That means Facebook has now surpassed Yahoo — and is second to only Google — as the most popular Web site in the United States. How can your company use Facebook's popularity to help market your products and services? In this month's feature — Part II of a two-part series — we share 5 steps for using Facebook to effectively optimize your email-marketing campaigns.
    - Mitch

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Results from Last Month's Quick Question for You:

Last month we surveyed our readers about how they use Twitter. Click here to see the results.

Results from Last Month's Quick Question for You

  Feature Article:
Using Social Media to Optimize Your Email Marketing,
Part II: 5 Steps to Facebook Success

Last month we gave you tips on how to use Twitter to optimize your email-marketing program. In Part II of this two-part series, we switch the focus to Facebook. With more than 400 million active users — half of whom log on during any given day — Facebook is another great social networking tool that you can use to help boost the results of your email-marketing efforts. Here we share 5 steps to Facebook success.

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How Good Was Your Last Haircut?

Although marketing plays an important part in a company's overall success, you need outstanding products/services to get you and keep you at the top. Read Mitch's latest blog — "How Good Was Your Last Haircut?" — in which he shares his amusing account of a personal experience as a great example of this lesson.

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