VOL. 7   ISSUE 5  |  MAY 2013  
In This Issue     Feature Article: Video in Email — How to Get a Lift in Your Email-Campaign Results
Mitch’s Blog: Do Symbols in Subject Lines Boost Email Response Rates?
Get the Click: Etsy Promotional Email: Misleading Subject Line Gets the Open, But Disappoints Recipient
FulcrumTech’s Top Reads: May’s List of Great Links
  Feature Article  
  Video in Email — How to Get a Lift in Your Email Campaign Results  
  FeatureIf a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video? We can get a good idea by looking at the lifts in email campaign performance rates when marketers use video in email. Here we share examples of video in email successes, talk about various options available for adding video to email, and provide a list of useful resources to help you learn more about the latest video email-marketing technology available today.

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  Mitch’s Blog
  Mitch Lapides Do Symbols in Subject Lines Boost Email Response Rates?  
  Hearts, stars, suns, and smiley faces. These are just a few of the symbols marketers are strategically inserting in subject lines to help their messages stand out in ever more crowded email inboxes. And thanks to these symbols, many organizations have reported dramatic increases in email open rates. Will this tactic work for your brand?

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  Get the Click
Get the Click
  See FulcrumTech experts’ reviews of promotional emails received from Etsy and other companies in our website feature — “Get the Click.”

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  FulcrumTech Top Reads
Top Reads
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  Can Email Personalization Negatively Affect a Campaign's Results?  
  Interactive Tips:  
  Cash in on the Hidden ROI in Your Email Program  
  Once Upon a Time … How Goldilocks Can Help Your Email Frequency  
  Parenting Advice For Email Marketers  
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