This month, learn about lead nurturing campaigns, call-to-action best practices, and find out what you may be doing wrong in your email campaigns.
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  November 2015
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Getting the Most Out of a Squeeze Page
What Am I Doing Wrong with My Email Campaign?
So you know your email campaigns could be doing better, but you can't pinpoint exactly what you’re doing wrong. Sound familiar? Here, we take a look at five of the most common mistakes marketers make in their email campaigns.
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Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
VetDepot Email Review: Are Emojis and Cute Pets on the Right Track to Driving Conversions?
Kayla Itsines Email Review: Is This Lead-Nurturing Email in Good Shape?
This email may work well with Kayla Itsines' typical target audience — women striving to achieve an ideal bikini body and who are familiar with her products, style, and offers. We identified some points of potential improvement, however, that would be well worth testing.
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What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
What Are the Best Practices for a Call to Action?
Think of the calls to action (CTAs) in your email campaigns as the entrance to your sales funnel. Are they easy to find? Do they welcome and draw in your prospects and customers? Does the text motivate a click? Here are eight best practices to help you design powerful CTAs that convert.
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5 Ways to Bring Your Email Marketing Strategy Out of the Jurassic Period  
Mitch Lapides on the Importance of Data-Driven Decisions
FulcrumTech President and CEO Mitch Lapides was recently interviewed by ReachForce as part of its Expert Interview program. In addition to speaking out about how important it is for companies to make marketing decisions based on data, Lapides also discussed topics including why marketing automation is crucial for small-business success.
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The 5 Most Egregious Marketing Automation Fails and How To Avoid Them
2015 Email Benchmarks by Industry
To find out how the open, click-through, click-to-open, and unsubscribe rates of email campaigns vary by industry, Silverpop looked at data from emails sent by approximately 750 companies, representing 3,000 brands, in 40 countries. See how your industry fares.
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Better Data Enables Better Customer Segmentation
Marketing Tips: Avoiding Gmail's New Block Button
How will Gmail’s new “Block” button affect marketers? Here, you’ll find five tips on how to avoid having your brand’s email marketing blocked by Gmail users.
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Five Email Marketing Practices That Need to Die
20 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement and Readership
This article provides 20 great tips to help boost email engagement, especially for companies targeting the millennial market of twenty- and thirty-something-year-olds.
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