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  September 2014
This Month’s Must-Read
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Increase email newsletter sign-ups
12 Prime Tips to Send Your Email Newsletter
Sign-Ups Soaring
So you’ve created a must-read email newsletter that’s relevant to your target audience (which we covered how to do in last month’s NewsLever feature). The next key step is to get lots of people to subscribe. What are the most effective ways to increase sign-ups? Here’s our advice.
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Get the Click
Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
Kate Spade Email Review
Kate Spade Email: Is It a Pinteresting Integration of Email and Social Media?
This month’s email review focuses on a promotional email sent by the trendsetting fashion company Kate Spade New York. The main goal of this email is to send subscribers to the company’s Pinterest page, which we think it does well.
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And, be sure to get ideas and inspiration from our entire Get the Click series!
What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
Sales Attribution – A Key to Optimizing Your Marketing ROI
How can you allocate marketing dollars more efficiently and create more targeted and effective campaigns? By using sales attribution to assess the relative success of your various marketing channels. Here’s how to make sales attribution work for you.
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Good reads from around the Web
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Email Marketing  
What the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Can Teach Us About Email Marketing
What would happen if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became email marketers? Here are a few valuable lessons you can learn from each Turtle about email marketing.
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5 Best Practices That Need to Go Away
Kill It With Fire! 5 Best Practices That Need to Go Away
Though many still may consider the tactics described in this article as “best practices” in email marketing, changes in technology have made them obsolete.
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Strategies to Get More Email Subscribers
How We Doubled Email Signups in 30 Days: Our Strategies to Get More Email Subscribers
You may be surprised at these simple email changes that successfully gained new subscribers and substantially grew this company’s email list.
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Increase Email Deliverability
Seven Tips to Increase Your Email Deliverability
Check out these great tips for boosting email deliverability to get the most out of your email-marketing efforts.
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Featured Service: 10-Point Assessment
Featured Service
10-Point Assessment and Road Map
From strategy to deliverability to email engagement and analytics, we’ll analyze the 10 factors that drive email success. In short, we’ll:
•  Uncover what’s killing conversions
  •  Identify critical areas of opportunity
  •  Learn what’s working for you (and what isn’t)
  •  Create a prioritized list of changes to implement moving forward
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