Web Site Redesign Yields a 120% Increase in Daily Conversions

Client Overview

Our client is an industry-leading online cost estimation tool for the remodeling industry. Tens of thousands of professional contractors and handymen have used the tool, which was designed to be easy-to-use with a low price entry point. The Web site offers prospects the opportunity to sign up for a 30-day trial to use the cost estimating tool. Trial users are then asked to convert to a paid subscription before the end of the 30-day period.

Business Challenge

Although this Web site had been successful at generating trial sign-ups, the rate of conversion to a paid subscription was low. The company’s goal was to increase the conversion rate and overall revenue.


FulcrumTech researched, created and implemented a Web-based communications program that was sophisticated, yet simple and easy to maintain:

FulcrumTech conducted a series of Web-based surveys and qualitative interviews to determine what clients and prospects valued in the client’s products, as well as the issues that kept them from converting. With this information, a new marketing front end was developed for the Web site which:

  • Clarified the product features and benefits
  • Provided an FAQ which addressed the most common objections
  • Offered a much simpler sign-up form
  • Was designed to provide a more professional look and feel.

In addition, an automated email campaign was developed to improve communication and technical support to prospects throughout the 30-day trial period. This campaign included a series of five emails that reminded them to use the trial and encouraged conversion. When a prospect converted, the trial emails stopped. The new subscribers then received a different set of emails to help them get started. A Quick-Start Guide was also designed to assist new users with the product. These emails not only provided necessary information to prospects and users, but they also served the purpose of creating a relationship with the customer and building a sense of trust.


Since the launch of the newly designed front end to the client’s Web site, average daily trials increased by 50% and average daily conversions increased by 120%. This had a corresponding and direct impact on revenue.


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