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 What’s on Mitch’s Mind? 
 Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email 
 Email authority Mitch Lapides 
4 Email-Marketing
Predictions for 2017
When it comes to email, what should you be focusing on in the coming year? Here are four email-marketing predictions for 2017 to get you headed in the right direction.
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A Marketer's Guide to Email Deliverability
 Are you using the right ESP? 
 Choosing the right email service provider (ESP) will dramatically improve your email ROI. But with so many options out there, selecting the ideal ESP for your business can be a daunting task. 
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 This Month’s Must-Read 
 Expert insights published monthly by our email gurus 
Email-Marketing Optimization-7 Tips for Targeting Millennials
 Email-Marketing Optimization—
7 Tips for Targeting Millennials
 The annual buying power of millennials is rapidly rising each year, predicted to reach $200 billion in 2017. Who are your millennial customers and how can you optimize your email-marketing campaigns to better reach, engage, and convert this consumer group? 
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 Get the Click 
 Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers 
SiriusXM Email Review: Is It in Tune With Customers?
 SiriusXM Email Review:
Is It in Tune With Customers?
 This email offer for streaming from satellite radio service provider SiriusXM is a good one. But making the tone of the message more customer-centric and the benefits of streaming more clear and prominent—from the subject line through the call to action—would likely help drive up opens, clicks, and conversions for the campaign. 
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Try out that ESP—You just might like it (or not)  
Try out that ESP—
You just might like it (or not)
Are you in search of a new email service provider for 2017? Be sure not to miss this crucial step in your evaluation process!
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8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance 
8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance
Eight successful entrepreneurs share their insights and experience on ways to get more from your email-marketing efforts.
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Keep It Clean: The Importance of Email-List Hygiene [Infographic] 
Keep It Clean: The Importance of Email-List Hygiene [Infographic]
Check out this infographic for some best practices and other useful information about how to keep your email list clean.
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4 Ways to Jumpstart Email Marketing for 2017 
4 Ways to Jumpstart Email Marketing for 2017
This article explores current email-marketing trends and suggests ways to update your strategies for 2017.
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Marketing Automation: 4 Mistakes to Avoid 
Marketing Automation: 4 Mistakes to Avoid
Here are four automation mistakes email marketers make too often.
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