Using Email Marketing Automation to Increase ROI
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  July 2015
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Email Marketing Automation – How to Take Your ROI to the Next Level
Landing-Page Optimization – 9 Tips for Driving Email Campaign Conversions
Landing pages are critical to the effectiveness of your email campaigns. That’s because even if your email open and click-through rates are phenomenal, a campaign isn’t a success unless prospects follow through to your marketing goal and convert. Here we share some of our top tips and tactics for optimizing landing pages to help drive conversions and give a boost to your email-marketing return on investment (ROI).
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Get the Click
Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
InsideHook Email Review: Does It Hook Subscribers into Taking a Survey?
Apple Email Review: A Is for Apple – But Does This Email Get an A?
We think this email promoting the new Apple Watch is a great example of what it takes to “get the click.”
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And, be sure to get ideas and inspiration from our entire Get the Click series!
What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
Does Your Business Need an ESP That Supports a Relational Database?
Are you looking to grow your business with the help of targeted and timely email campaigns? Then you likely need an email service provider (ESP) that supports a relational database. In this blog, find out whether a relational or flat-file database best meets your organization’s email-marketing needs.
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Don't Just Hope Your Emails Get Opened: Four Tips for Click-Worthy Communications  
How to Test Your Email Campaign [Infographic]
Here’s a great infographic that highlights email best practices, testing tips, and the essential elements of successful email campaigns.
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3 Classic Email Metrics Revisited
5 Keys to Building a Quality Email List
When it comes to email lists, quantity is good, but quality is better. Here are five ways to build a quality email list.
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3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Email Marketing
Email Marketing Gives 246% Return for Mid-Sized Businesses, But There’s a Cost
This article demonstrates that although the returns for email marketing are high, it can be one of the most expensive channels to manage.
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Inbox Impact and the First Impression Factor
9 Simple Email Hacks to Increase Open Rates
It takes only 3 or 4 seconds for a person to decide whether or not to open an email. This article gives nine ways to help quickly capture your recipients’ attention.
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Inbox Impact and the First Impression Factor
6 Steps to Finding Your Personalization Sweet Spot
If you’re thinking about investing in email personalization, be sure to read this article, which shows you how to calculate your ROI.
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