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June 2007, Volume 1, Issue 6


Dear Friend:

In last month's NewsLever, we briefly discussed how to accomplish powerful results with a well executed interactive strategy that starts with a solid understanding of your market. You may have read that article and thought "I don't have any content to center an interactive strategy on." If you did, you are not alone. Many companies that I talk to struggle with what to put into an email or to post on their Web site.

This month we'll share some of our secrets for developing great, relevant content that is sure to engage your audience. Read on for more.

Mitch Lapides
President, FulcrumTech

You may not realize it, but your organization is a cornucopia of rich content.

Each and every day your organization is developing rich content. Your sales people talk on the phone answering questions about your products, technologies, or services. Your project managers answer questions or provide information to a host of internal and external clients. Every conversation that happens within your organization is a source from which to develop rich, powerful content.

Powerful content is derived from trending daily interactions.

Developing rich content is as simple as having each one of your sales people write down five questions that they were asked about your organization's product or service over the course of the last month. By reviewing these five questions, you will most likely see a trend in what your customers and prospects are asking. Do they need clarification on your technology? What types of issues beyond your specific product or service are they asking you about? How do you help them?

By providing the answers to these questions, you are developing relevant content that your customers and prospects are interested in reading. Chances are there are more prospects and customers that have the same questions, but who have not yet called you. And, by reaching out to these customers and prospects via a monthly e-newsletter or resource area on your Web site, you will deliver rich, relevant content that addresses the needs of your audience.

Some other great resources from which you can develop rich content include:

  1. Observations and learnings from a recent conference you attended
  2. A list of articles or publications about your industry that you recently read
  3. Customer support and project management conversations (find out the five issues or questions they handle each day!)

For one of our clients, in their monthly newsletter that is delivered to colleagues, we include 5 to 8 links to articles on the subject matter that is in the newsletter. This newsletter is delivered to doctors running clinical trials, and research plays an important part in their everyday lives. The links in the newsletter not only save the doctors time, but they are also a valuable resource to them that is relevant and appreciated.

Take a look around your organization and find out where conversations happen. Tap into the knowledge that is shared during those conversations and massage that knowledge into information that can be shared to develop rich, relevant content.

For more on developing rich, powerful content, please contact us. You'd be amazed at how you can use content to help your next product launch succeed or, alternatively, generate that sales lift you've been needing.

Mitch Lapides
President, FulcrumTech


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