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Measuring Email ROI: No Longer a "Should Do" But a "Must Do"

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Do You Know Your Email-Marketing Number?

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Learn about why you can no longer avoid measuring email return on investment (ROI), plus get some great tips about how to improve your email ROI, in my article recently published by iMedia Connection. Plus, have you checked out our new ROI Goalsetter calculator and planning tool yet? For a limited time, you can try it for free. Click here and enter the promo code FreeROI2012 to begin your free trial today!

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    Feature Article

Feature Article:
Measuring Email ROI: No Longer a "Should Do" But a
"Must Do"
Measuring email return on investment (ROI) strikes fear in the heart of many marketers. Why bother? Does it really matter? The answer is an unequivocal "YES!" First of all, it provides a great benchmark for comparing your email marketing to your company’s other marketing channels. Plus, this metric can also help you justify your email-marketing program to clients and bosses (think, "I need more budget and have to justify it to get approval").
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Mitch Lapides Mitch’s Blog:
Do You Know Your Email-Marketing Number?

ING — a provider of retirement and insurance services — is currently running a great marketing and advertising campaign to get consumers to know the level of savings they need to retire. In one of their television ads, for example, a guy asks his neighbor what his number is. The neighbor responds, apprehensively, with "a gazillion." The point of the commercial is that if you don't know your goal, you'll never reach it because you don't have a plan. It's the same with email marketing. Here I provide a quick way to think through the process to find your email-marketing number.
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Announcing ROI Goalsetter

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