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Email-Marketing Optimization —
7 Steps to Effective A/B Split Testing

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9 Ways Email Marketing Is More Than Constant Contact

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Mobile Devices versus Computers

Mobile Devices versus Computers — Did you know that you can track what devices your subscribers are using to open your emails? Click to see how people are opening this email.

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    Feature Article

Feature Article:
Email-Marketing Optimization — 7 Steps to Effective
A/B Split Testing
A/B split testing is a great method for optimizing your email-marketing campaigns. And you may be surprised how easy implementing it is. You can use the information you obtain from A/B split testing to fine tune subsequent email campaigns, while continuing to test additional variables. In this way, you'll achieve steady improvements your email-marketing return on investment, one test a time. Here we provide seven steps essential for implementing an effective A/B split test.
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Mitch Lapides Mitch’s Blog:
9 Ways Email Marketing Is More Than
Constant Contact

In this blog, I provide a quick overview of nine key components of effective email marketing that take it well beyond the email blast software provided by such companies as Constant Contact. And you'll likely walk away with some great ideas that will elevate your email-marketing results above those who may simply be "blasting."
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Announcing ROI Goalsetter

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