How much does email marketing cost? Strategy to generate leads.
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  November 2014
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How much does email marketing cost?
How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?
How much does an email-marketing campaign cost? Responding to that question is similar to answering, “How much does a house cost?” The answer, for you, depends on a number of factors. Here’s a list of the key factors that drive the cost of implementing an effective email campaign.
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Dover Saddlery Email Review
Dover Saddlery Abandoned-Cart Email Series: Does It Convince Customers to Stop Horsing Around and Complete Their Purchase?
This abandoned-cart email series from Dover Saddlery does a good job of convincing customers who started a transaction to stop horsing around and complete their purchase.
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What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
How to Use Content Marketing to Generate More Leads & Revenue
Does Your Website Have This Key Piece of Information?
Thanks to answering a frequently asked question in a website blog post, businessman Marcus Sheridan generated more than $1.7 million in fiberglass pool sales. Find out what that question is and how it may play an important part in the success of your content-marketing strategy.
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Write attention-capturing subject lines  
The Top 10 Keys to Writing Attention-Capturing Subject Lines
Here are ten top tips to help you become a subject line-writing master.
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Email Best Practices for Ecommerce
Transactional Email Best Practices for Ecommerce Business
This article highlights some of the most important transactional emails you should be optimizing, as well as how to go about it.
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Google Inbox Bundle feature could hurt
Google Inbox Could Make It Easier to Ignore Email
Find out how the new Google Inbox Bundle feature could hurt email marketers.
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Elevate your email program
5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Should Elevate Your Email Program
Be sure not to miss these five great ways to build a strong relationship between email and content marketing.
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