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Welcome Note from Mitch Lapides, President

Last month I talked about how to create compelling subject lines that effectively get recipients to open your promotional emails. This month I'm shifting the focus from open rates to click-through rates. Once recipients have opened your email, you have to convince them that you are offering something of great benefit - something they absolutely need - to motivate them to click-through to your promotion's landing page.

In this NewsLever feature - Part 2 of a 3-part series that addresses how to optimize the ROI from your email campaigns - you'll find 18 tips to help maximize your click-through rates.

P.S. Give me a call at 215-489-9336 today for more information about ways FulcrumTech can help you effectively use email marketing - including promotional email campaigns and email newsletters - to grow your business.

 Feature Article:
18 Tips for Maximizing your Click-Through Rates

Part 2 of "How to Get the Best ROI From Your Email Marketing Campaigns"
(See Part 1 here)

So you piqued prospects' interest and got them to open your promotional email. The next crucial step: Motivate them to click-through to your promotion. In this month's feature - Part 2 in a 3-part FulcrumTech series on optimizing the response to your email campaign - we take a close look at the email itself and offer several ways to help make your click-through rates soar.

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Don't Miss our Email Marketing Blog

Short headlines, text emails, clear messaging, and different perspectives. That's what the 2008 presidential campaigns are doing. Visit our blog now.

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