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  September 2015
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Email Send Frequency - What's Your ROI Sweet Spot?
Email Cadence — Key to Automated Email-Marketing Campaign Success
In last month's NewsLever feature, we focused on email send frequency. Here, we delve deeper and talk about cadence — a primary factor in determining the success of your automated email-marketing campaigns.
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Get the Click
Our email experts weigh in on real emails from real marketers
Bounce Exchange Email Review: Does It Arouse Interest or Ire?
Bounce Exchange Email Review:
Does It Arouse Interest or Ire?
The FulcrumTech email review panel was split on the merits of this promotional email from Bounce Exchange. About half of the panel thought that it had standout design, creative copy (though sometimes with an aggressive tone), and piqued their interest.
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What’s on Mitch’s Mind?
Email authority Mitch Lapides talks all things email
Email authority Mitch Lapides
5 Myths About Email Marketing and the Truth Behind Each One
When it comes to email-marketing best practices, many myths abound. Here, we debunk 5 common myths, as well as provide advice to help you improve your email-marketing strategies and results.
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Is Video the Future of Email Marketing?  
5 Proven Ways to Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns
This article provides useful tips, tools, and strategies to help grow your brand and build your bottom line.
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7 Tricks To Writing Emails That Convert
Freq Out! Not Optimizing for Frequency Can Cost You
Getting the right email send frequency can have a major impact on your email-marketing program's value. This article highlights 3 major areas that are influenced by frequency.
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Four First-Date Tips... Applied to Email Marketing
How to Maintain Email Customer Engagement in an Increasingly Mobile Marketplace
As more and more consumers continue to shift toward mobile, how can brands use email to improve customer engagement? You'll find great tips for doing just that in this article.
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Are We Seeing an E-Newsletter Renaissance?
The 5 Magic Elements That Boost Email Marketing ROI Into the Stratosphere
Here's a quick checklist of 5 essential elements for a successful email strategy.
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6 Powerful Email Tactics to Engage New and Existing Customers
Check out this webinar — conducted by FulcrumTech and aired on Salesforce Marketing Cloud — that details how we helped The Boston Globe achieve a 90% increase in subscriptions year over year.
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