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Do you know the best time to send your email campaigns? Do you know who to send what offers to drive your best return on investment (ROI)? To answer these and so many more important questions, you need strong email analytics.

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Financial modeling

At FulcrumTech, we have a sophisticated financial model that we modify to work with your specific business model. We incorporate the factors that contribute to your list growth, conversions, financial performance, and so much more.

Using this financial model, we develop a scenario for revenue improvement that’s realistic based upon where you are with your email-marketing program. This also helps to establish our priorities for improvement (e.g., open-rate performance, target conversion rate).

Data warehouse

To achieve top email-marketing performance, you need to collect data from a variety of sources so you can understand your subscribers as well as possible. These sources can include data from email performance, web behavior, purchase history, and any of a variety of demographics appended from external sources or your own customer relationship management (CRM) system. FulcrumTech can help you establish this important data warehouse so that it automatically updates as time progresses.

Data mining

Knowing what to do with the collected data is where many companies fail. They’re swimming in data and don’t have efficient ways to uncover just the right solutions. At FulcrumTech, we have the database, statistical, and general mathematical expertise necessary to make sense of it all. We make the process of analysis straightforward for you.

Online testing

Once we have our objectives and the subscriber behavior data, we can then devise any of a number of tests or other improvements to enhance marketing performance and return. These can include improved segmentation, subject-line tests, dynamic copy tests, image variations, and more. Are you challenged by math and statistics? Don’t worry. Our analytics lead has written numerous textbooks in advanced mathematics, calculus, statistical analysis, and more. And you can benefit without having to know the details.

As with any marketing, our ongoing data collection, analysis, and testing form a continual loop of feedback that drives ever-increasing improvement. As we learn more about what works, we’re always devising ways to make your email-marketing program work better and better.

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