FulcrumTech Designed and Implemented a Mother’s Day Email Campaign That Increased Year-Over-Year Revenue by 109%

FulcrumTech designed and implemented a Mother’s Day email campaign that showcased a variety of this company’s products over a series of five different emails. In addition, the email campaign used a playful tone to reinforce the company’s value proposition. Compared to last year’s Mother’s Day campaign, this email series generated 22% more unique clicks, 172% more orders, and 109% more revenue.

FulcrumTech Designed, Implemented, and Optimized a Welcome Email Campaign That Increased Weekly Revenue by 63.6% and Return on Investment by 64%

As part of the first email optimization tests, FulcrumTech adjusted the cadence of the welcome series. By reducing the time between emails, unique open rates for email #2 and email #3 increased by 17% — a statistically significant result. In addition, clicks from this welcome email series generated significantly more traffic to Piper’s website and online store (where the conversions occur).

Percentage of Users Who Clicked Through From a Landing Page to the Company’s Shopping Cart Increased by 151%

FulcrumTech optimized a TradeGreeks’ landing page, which increased the percentage of users who clicked through from that landing page to the company’s shopping cart by 151%. FulcrumTech made a number of changes to the messaging and design of the original TradeGreeks’ landing page to help grab users’ attention more quickly and encourage them to click through to the shopping cart.

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