Case Study: David’s Cookies

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FulcrumTech Designed and Implemented a Mother’s Day Email Campaign That Increased Year-Over-Year Revenue by 109%

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David’s Cookies is a food retailer that specializes in selling chocolate chip and other freshly baked cookies, desserts such as cheesecakes and brownies, frozen cookie dough, gift baskets, and more.


David's Cookies approached FulcrumTech to help optimize the company’s email channel to drive substantial revenue growth in 2016.


The first campaign that FulcrumTech designed and implemented for David's Cookies was a Mother's Day email series that showcased a variety of the company's products. This included developing a brand-new email template that was mobile-optimized based on e-commerce email best practices. A series of five different emails was sent over a period beginning about a week and a half before Mother's Day. This compared to a series of four emails sent the previous year. In addition, the email campaign incorporated a playful tone to present the company's value proposition: "We do all the baking, wrapping, and shipping, and you get all the credit." The last email incorporated a sense of urgency, with a headline stressing that there were only three hours left to guarantee arrival by Mother's Day.


Compared to the previous year’s campaign, the Mother’s Day email series designed and implemented by FulcrumTech resulted in:

  • 22% more unique clicks
  • 172% more orders
  • 109% increase in revenue.
Increased year-over-year revenue by 109%

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