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Our number-one goal is helping clients like you succeed by meeting and exceeding your marketing objectives. We can show you how to effectively use data-driven digital marketing powered by ExactTarget to communicate better with your prospects and customers across all channels, including email, mobile, social, and the web.

FulcrumTech will help you get the most out of ExactTarget.

If you want to get the most out of ExactTarget’s best-in-class technology platform, we can help. FulcrumTech team members are dedicated to delivering outstanding setup, implementation, and optimization services to our ExactTarget clients. The FulcrumTech team carries not only broad certifications in email marketing and online testing, but also numerous certifications specific to ExactTarget that cover many areas of this platform.

Dependable Email Deliverability with ExactTarget®

ExactTarget’s Inbox Tools Suite – all the deliverability tools you need to get your emails into the inbox

Because great email return on investment (ROI) is contingent on great deliverability, you need a strong set of deliverability tools that you can depend on. ExactTarget’s Inbox Tools Suite – powered by Return Path – gives you the insight to prevent deliverability issues before they impact your ROI.

Inbox Preview - See exactly what your subscribers see in various desktop, mobile, and web email clients before hitting the send button. You know not only how your creative renders in different platforms, but also if it triggers spam filters.

Inbox Detective – Track whether your emails were placed in the Inbox or Bulk or Spam folders, as well as diagnostics information for each campaign, including complaint rate. Plus, get alerts to indicate deliverability issues before they become a problem.

Reputation Monitor – Actively monitor your sender reputation – including your Sender Score – so you can know exactly what you need to do to improve reputation and delivery rates.

Campaign Insight – Which email clients do your subscribers use most? How many of your subscribers use mobile devices to view your communications? Campaign Insight answers those questions, as well as provides other subscriber data and campaign results. Then, you can generate comprehensive reports and use that information to create relevant marketing campaigns for your target audience.

Competitive ExactTarget® pricing through FulcrumTech

As a provider of email marketing and other cross-channel digital marketing software solutions, ExactTarget is a recognized industry leader. Since 2000, ExactTarget has helped thousands of organizations worldwide achieve success with increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Their roster of clients includes such companies as Papa John’s, The Home Depot, and

Think ExactTarget may be out of your price range? Think again – ExactTarget offers innovative yet affordable email-marketing systems with variety of pricing options to meet the needs of any organization’s budget.

How can FulcrumTech help you save on your email service?

FulcrumTech is a Bronze Reseller Partner with ExactTarget. That means we send a large volume of ExactTarget emails every month. As a result, we get a great deal on pricing, which we pass on to our clients.

FulcrumTech can help fit you with the best ExactTarget package to meet your unique business needs and your budget. Find out how quickly we can set you up with ExactTarget – and at a fantastic price – by contacting us today!

ExactTarget® – At the Forefront of Functionality

When it comes to functionality for permission-based email marketing and other one-to-one technologies, ExactTarget is at the forefront, providing the most powerful technology and flexible solutions today. ExactTarget helps organizations of all types and sizes enhance their marketing efforts with tools that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Built on the robust Integrated One-to-One Platform, the ExactTarget Application is available in a variety of editions with features designed to meet your unique business needs. These include:

Advanced Edition – for sophisticated email marketers seeking cutting-edge segmentation, customization, and integration

If you’re looking for all the features and powerful tools you need to take your email marketing to the next level, then Exact Target’s Advanced Edition is the solution. Bundled into one software solution, Advanced Edition lets you store and segment millions of records to deliver highly relevant messages – from personalized coupons with barcodes to reengagement campaigns. Seamless integrations with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are also available for leveraging your customer relationship management (CRM) data. Plus, access to ExactTarget’s flexible application programming interface (API) allows you to truly automate all your email-marketing efforts.

Core Edition – for creating, delivering, and tracking personalized emails

The Core Edition email-marketing software is ideal for organizations that may be just starting an email program and/or don’t have complex email-marketing requirements. It’s easy to use and offers all of the tools necessary to create sophisticated HTML emails, reliably deliver personalized messages to subscribers, and provide robust real-time tracking and reporting of email campaign results for driving future improvements.

Enterprise Email Editions – for large, diverse companies seeking centralized control

ExactTarget’s Enterprise Email Editions is a powerful toolset that helps global, multi-brand, or distributed sales enterprise organizations send targeted and relevant multi-channel communications to increase sales, build customer relationships, and maximize their marketing return on investment (ROI). With ExactTarget’s Enterprise Editions, you have complete administrative control over your brand without losing end-user flexibility. You can ensure current and approved content is distributed, for example, and that only approved employees have access to the content. Plus, you can easily integrate, automate, manage, and track all of your one-to-one messaging across multiple mediums, including email, mobile, and social sites all from a single platform.

Automation Studio – for automating campaigns, reporting, and more

With Automation Studio, you can automate your email marketing activities – such as sending transactional emails and bulk messages, integrating data, and delivering reports – with just a few clicks. This tool gives you the power to eliminate many repetitive marketing tasks and get more out of your email-marketing program. Numerous relational database tables also let you use various supporting data for your email programs, such as product catalogs, purchase transaction data, and much more. Plus, user-friendly dashboard tools help you quickly and easily keep track of all automations from a single platform.

Sender Authentication Package – for optimizing your email delivery rates

To help ensure that your emails are compliant with each Internet service provider’s requirements, ExactTarget’s Sender Authentication Package includes a private IP address, a private domain, subdomain hosting, as well as the implementation and support of Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Sender ID, and DomainKeys/DKIM. ExactTarget’s Sender Authentication Package ultimately helps keep your emails out of the bulk mail folder, while maintaining your good sender reputation, protecting your brand image, and boosting your overall ROI.

ExactTarget-Salesforce Integration – for making marketing automation easy

If you’re looking to use your Salesforce data to automate your email-marketing campaigns, synchronize your sales and marketing efforts, and send an unlimited number of personalized emails, ExactTarget-Salesforce Integration is the solution. You can use this tool to easily automate your drip campaigns, send emails to leads and customers, as well as view real-time tracking of performance results.

API – for integrating marketing, analytics, and other software

ExactTarget’s API helps you seamlessly integrate your email data with internal databases to create a more powerful and customized solution. For example, you can use the API to integrate ExactTarget with your CRM software and send ExactTarget emails to your CRM contacts. You can also use the API to easily automate such time-consuming tasks as sending any types of email series. ExactTarget’s API is easy to learn and is flexible enough to meet numerous needs across clients.

MobileConnect – for engaging in real-time mobile conversations

MobileConnect gives you sophisticated yet easy-to-use mobile-marketing software and solutions to maintain one-on-one communication with your busy customers on the go. From Short Message Service (SMS) to full campaign support, MobileConnect helps you execute mobile-marketing programs that utilize the same data as your email, social media, and website programs. In addition, you can get insight into your mobile campaign success by viewing and tracking performance in real time.

SocialEngage – For building and managing social media relationships

With more and more consumers adopting social media today, you need to tap into relevant social media conversations to better understand consumer preferences, increase brand visibility, and build stronger relationships with customers. SocialEngage – ExactTarget’s web-based social media engagement and reporting solution – is designed to do just that by engaging, tracking, and analyzing brand conversations across the leading social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, SocialEngage has tools that help keep you connected 24/7 and respond to your customers when they need you.

ExactTarget 3sixty – for ongoing support and training

When you choose ExactTarget as your email service provider, you get outstanding support not only from the FulcrumTech team, but also with 3sixty. Through 3sixty, you’ll be connected to an online community of ExactTarget application users and a vast number of resources, including training tutorials, on-demand solution demonstrations, as well as whitepaper and documentation downloads. You’ll also have the opportunity to hone your marketing skills and build relationships with other 3sixty members by joining in discussion forums, participating in topic-based groups, and more.

Solid Email Analytics with ExactTarget®

Make real-time marketing decisions based on real-time insights.

Do you know how your campaigns are performing across all marketing channels – email, mobile, social, and the web?

Thanks to real-time tracking and graphical reporting, ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub gives you a comprehensive view of the campaign details of all of your marketing channels. This makes it easy to manage, analyze, and optimize every one of your marketing campaigns to continually drive measurable results.

Get the metrics you need.

With ExactTarget analytics, you not only can see such campaign performance data as open rates, delivery rates, and click activity, but you also can drill down into individual subscriber details such as the time of opens, links clicked, survey results, and much more. Plus, elegantly designed dashboards make data easy to see, understand, and react to promptly.

Build reports to optimize performance.

With ExactTarget, you can quickly and easily build customized reports to help identify your brand’s primary key performance indicators (KPIs).

Tap into our expertise.

Which ExactTarget Hub Solution will meet your unique business needs? We’ll help you answer that question. The FulcrumTech team of digital experts can also help you analyze your organization’s data to find the most effective ways to improve your marketing campaigns and drive return on investment.