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The Melting Pot Email Review: Is It Effective, or Does It Leave a Lot to Be Desired?

“Experience the Passion and be Full of Desire”

This was the subject line of an email that was sent to a customer of The Melting Pot who had signed up to receive promotional emails from the restaurant. Although it may have been designed to pique curiosity in recipients, the use of the sexually- suggestive subject line seems a bit odd for this restaurant, even for a Valentine’s Day promotion. Email Review: Is It One of Your Favorites?

“Welcome to Your Favorites”

That was the subject line of this nurturing email sent to an customer. It’s a strong subject line that stands out in the inbox, especially when paired with the playful preheader, “Look at you, favoriting things like a pro!” Immediately, the subject line and preheader indicate to the recipient that this email contains personalized information.

AMA Email Review: Does it win your heart?

“Give ’em What They Want: Three Ways to Win your Customers’ Hearts with Digital Marketing”

That was the subject line of an American Marketing Association (AMA) email sent to someone who is not an AMA member and unsure about how she got on the organization’s mailing list. It also happens to be the title of a webinar hosted by the AMA, which recipients would realize if they opened the email.

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