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Predictive Marketing: What’s the Hype & How Can Your Business Leverage It to Grow Your Email-Marketing ROI?

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Predictive Marketing: What’s the Hype & How Can Your Business Leverage It to Grow Your Email-Marketing ROI?

You’ve likely heard all the buzzwords: machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, artificial intelligence. And while these terms aren’t interchangeable, they share the general concept and algorithms that can be used to build the basics of what we call predictive marketing.

Part 3—What Tools Are Leading Predictive Marketing?

When it comes to driving the best performance results and revenue from the email channel, many marketers are finding that leveraging predictive analytics is key. But with so many predictive tools from which to choose, how can you know which one is best for your business? Here we highlight the benefits of 10 of our favorite predictive analytics platforms for 2018 in this third article of a 3-part predictive marketing series.

Part 1—What Is Predictive Marketing and How Does It Fit Into the Email-Marketing World?

Predictive marketing is one of the top email-marketing trends in 2018. That’s because it paves the way for marketers to make more data-driven decisions, which, in turn, gives a big lift to email-marketing performance, sales, and revenue. Find out what you need to know about predictive marketing-and how to effectively implement it into your email program-beginning with this first article in a 3-part series.

How to Use Dynamic Content in Your Email Marketing to Drive More Opens and Clicks

How do you get more prospects and customers to open and click your emails? Make sure that your emails are relevant, personal, and expected (i.e., recipients have actually asked to receive them). Check out a ton of ideas for leveraging dynamic content to optimize the relevant and personal aspects of your email marketing.

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