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How to Use Dynamic Content in Your Email Marketing to Drive More Opens and Clicks

How do you get more prospects and customers to open and click your emails? Make sure that your emails are relevant, personal, and expected (i.e., recipients have actually asked to receive them). Check out a ton of ideas for leveraging dynamic content to optimize the relevant and personal aspects of your email marketing.

3 Predictive Models Email Marketers Should Know

How can you effectively use predictive analytics to engage your customers and increase revenue? Understanding your predictive analytics platform — how to use it and what it’s best used for — is key. To get you started, here are three predictive models you should know about and some examples of how they can be used to improve your email performance results.

Using Predictive Analytics in Email Marketing

The use of predictive analytics in email marketing isn’t new. But it’s a hot topic today — especially for e-commerce businesses — because predictive marketing is proving to be a great way to sell smarter and sell more through the email channel. This article is the first in a series of three NewsLever features that will discuss how to effectively and profitably apply predictive analytics to your email-marketing program.

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