Part 3—What Tools Are Leading Predictive Marketing?

When it comes to driving the best performance results and revenue from the email channel, many marketers are finding that leveraging predictive analytics is key. But with so many predictive tools to choose from, how can you know which one is best for your business? Here we highlight the benefits of 10 of our favorite predictive analytics platforms for 2018 in this third article of a 3-part predictive marketing series.

Leveraging predictive marketing in email is a rapidly growing trend. That’s because more marketers are realizing predictive analytics are valuable for making data-driven decisions that can have a significant impact on driving customer engagement and conversion. This is what we talked about in our first predictive marketing article, “Predictive Marketing and How It Fits Into Email Marketing.”

In our second article—“Anatomy of Predictive Analytics in Email Marketing Part 2”—we explained how predictive email-marketing works. For example, it includes making data-driven marketing decisions that go beyond simply looking at past customer behaviors to also taking into account real-time input from current data. In other words, predictive analytics are most valuable for predicting future customer behaviors when email marketers successfully connect multiple data points and interconnections across multiple sources in real time.


To successfully incorporate predictive analytics into your email-marketing program, there are numerous predictive tools from which to choose. Here is a list of 10 top companies with predictive platforms, as well as a brief description of their products and benefits, to help you get started in finding the best fit for your email-marketing needs:

  1. Bluecore – The Bluecore Decisioning Platform for Commerce offers a comprehensive data integration that captures massive amounts of both customer and live product-catalog data. This data is immediately available and actionable, enabling marketers to make decisions in real time. In addition, Bluecore’s predictive models are built exclusively for retail businesses, providing marketers with valuable customer insights and personalized product recommendations in mere seconds. As a result, Bluecore helps improve the relevance and timeliness of marketing messages by delivering triggered campaigns that are optimized for all marketing channels.
  2. AgilOne — This Customer Data Platform is designed with enterprise B2C companies in mind. AgilOne provides a single view of customers across all marketing channels. In addition, the company has predictive models that offer insight into customer behavior and real-time APIs that coordinate personalized experiences across every touchpoint in the buyer journey. In this way, AgilOne creates true omnichannel relationships with customers to maximize lifetime value.
  3. Zeta (formerly Boomtrain) — ZetaHub’s Smart Marketing Platform helps marketers understand and communicate with their customers individually, at any scale. It can analyze billions of data points to provide a single, unified view of each customer, which evolves as he or she does. In addition, the platform’s artificial intelligence-powered predictive analytics tells who to target, what to say, and when to reach out to each customer. Omnichannel marketing automation, as well as dynamic segments and smart triggers, help to deliver relevant, 1-to-1 communications across every marketing channel.
  4. Fresh Relevance — To help digital marketers increase both sales and customer lifetime value, the Fresh Relevance personalization platform blends marketing creativity with data, technology, and automation. Using real-time behavioral and transactional data, Fresh Relevance helps marketers engage with customers by creating and delivering relevant content through email, web, mobile, and social marketing channels. Fresh Relevance solutions include omnichannel personalization, browse and cart abandonment, behavioral segmentation and targeting, A/B testing and optimization, and real-time content.
  5. Windsor Circle — This predictive marketing platform is designed to help retailers retain customers and increase their lifetime value. Offering the industry’s only guaranteed enterprise-grade data integrations between ecommerce and email software, the Windsor Circle platform includes a retention analytics suite, behavioral tracking, and custom segmentation. Windsor Circle uses retailers’ existing marketing software to create predictive, personalized, and automated marketing campaigns, including browse abandonment, online shopping cart recovery, post-purchase, loyalty programs, product replenishment, and win-back.
  6. BuyerGenomics — This automated database marketing software unlocks the intelligence buried in historical transaction data to improve customer relationships, acquisition, and value. BuyerGenomics is both a marketing database that holds all customer and transaction data across all selling channels, as well as a customer intelligence platform that delivers predictive and actionable insights. In this way, the company helps marketers deliver the right message to the right person, without the usual effort and expense needed. The company’s marketing software includes retail marketing, omnichannel marketing, database marketing, customer segmentation, and buyer lifecycle.
  7. LiftIgniter — A decision-making API for websites, apps, and email, this machine-learning personalization recommendation and discovery engine helps marketers make real-time decisions for every user, at every impression. LiftIgniter’s mission is to facilitate engaging user experiences by enabling marketers to put the best content and products in front of each user at each click.
  8. Loyalty Builders — Using proven statistical and machine-learning science in an automated cloud service, Loyalty Builders delivers personalized product recommendations, as well as loyalty and risk scores for every customer. Loyalty Builders uses available first-party data to deliver actionable lists for direct marketing, unified cross-channel personalized product recommendations, and on-demand predictions for agile marketing. There’s no database or platform to maintain and no data integration required. Rather than recommending best-selling products to everyone or grouping customers into segments, Loyalty Builders helps marketers make 1-to-1 recommendations and offers.
  9. SmarterHQ — This intelligent behavioral marketing technology powers triggered email and website campaigns to easily deliver the personalized experience customers expect today. With more than 20 email service provider integrations, SmarterHQ drops into your existing technology stack to access all data and power behavioral messaging through your current channel delivery providers. The SmartHQ platform has an easy, one-time set up and includes the following features: predictive marketing, customer identity resolution, real-time interaction management, customer segmentation, product recommendations, and smart campaign management.
  10. Retention Science (ReSci) — ReSci provides machine learning and easy-to-use automation to turn data-driven insights into intelligent actions that improve customer retention. To create 1-to1 customer experiences, ReSci’s artificial intelligence technology combines and analyzes customer data to provide decision making at scale, predictive product recommendations to increase conversions, and intuitive campaign management for customer support.

There are a lot of great predictive analytics platforms available today to choose from. Which best fits your company’s needs and budget? The email-marketing experts at FulcrumTech can help answer that question, as well as implement the predictive marketing technology to help you maximize your marketing return on investment. Contact us and get started today!

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