Is Listrak the Right ESP for Your E-Commerce Business? FulcrumTech Can Help Answer That

When it comes to finding the right email service provider (ESP), you have a LOT of choices. As a digital marketing automation platform specifically designed for online retailers, Listrak can help you easily create personalized, one-to-one experiences across all channels and customer touchpoints. Plus, Listrak's dynamic toolset allows you to test, measure, and optimize the impact of your email messages from the moment your subscribers open, all the way until they convert. And another bonus? Listrak is one of the most sophisticated and affordable platforms out there for today's online retailer!

But is it the perfect fit for your company's needs?

Here's where FulcrumTech comes in. We're ESP-selection and implementation specialists. What's that mean? We can help you determine the right platform for your current needs, one that can also help grow your business and continue to meet your needs in the future. And, we'll also help you find the best ESP that stays within your budget.

FulcrumTech is the Right Listrak Implementation Partner for You

If we determine that Listrak is the right ESP for you, you'll definitely want FulcrumTech to handle the implementation process. As a Listrak Certified Reseller and Certified Implementation Partner, we know the platform inside and out. Our team of email-marketing experts has already logged hundreds of training hours directly with Listrak (and we're not even tired)!

We've got the experience, creativity, and Listrak implementation successes under our belt to ensure your transition is smooth, timely, and meets your needs and your budget. Let us prove it.

FulcrumTech Can Help You Make the Most of Listrak's Cross-Channel Solutions

E-commerce retailers have unprecedented access to their customers, and Listrak is dedicated to helping you deliver the personalized, data-driven cross-channel communication experience that brands demand today. Focusing on e-commerce companies, Listrak is built like no other to help you engage with your brand, drive revenue, and maximize your return on investment.

Listrak Cross-Channel Solutions

Your customers expect a seamless shopping experience, whether it's online, in-store, or on your mobile shopping app. With Listrak, you can easily integrate your customer data from all marketing channels—email, mobile, social, website, and in-store—to create personalized messages that engage, nurture, and convert customers across multiple touchpoints.

Take a look at some of the key Listrak solutions and capabilities that FulcrumTech can demo and implement for you:

  • Welcome Series
    A welcome series is likely your most important email campaign because it gives you the chance to engage with your subscribers when they're most interested, establish brand loyalty, and ultimately motivate a purchase.
  • Abandonment Suite
    Recapture lost revenue by reaching out to site visitors and shopping-cart abandoners with personalized messages, optimized for conversion and to arrive at just the right time for reengagement.
  • Product Merchandising
    Based on a shopper's purchase history and machine-learning algorithms, Listrak's Personalization Suite helps you automate the production of content that's targeted, personalized, and includes recommended products.
  • Targeted Messages
    Using in-store and online customer data, Listrak's Targeted Messages allows you to segment and personalize your lists like never before, creating highly targeted communications and personalized shopper experiences.
  • Conductor
    With Listrak Conductor's intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily create email and mobile conversations that are behaviorally triggered, automatically delivered at the right time, and optimized throughout the shopper journey.
  • Lifecycle Management
    Since acquiring new customers is more costly than retaining existing customers, reactivation campaigns (e.g., win-back campaigns) and other automate post-purchase campaigns are a great way to recapture customers who may have lost interest in your brand.
  • On-Site Acquisition
    With Listrak's On-Site Acquisition solution, you can create customized popups (full screen and banners) that can be timed and mobile optimized to appear when and where you want them on your website.

Integrate with Listrak's Omnichannel E-Commerce Partners

Recognizing the important role other e-commerce platforms play in their clients' success, Listrak has formed partner relationships to provide fully integrated marketing solutions. Listrak integration partners include Magento, Workarea, ShopifyPlus, Big Commerce, and a number of other custom platforms.

You Can Depend on FulcrumTech for Fast and Effective Listrak Implementation

As a Certified Listrak Implementation Partner, FulcrumTech can get your Listrak digital marketing platform up and running quickly, so you can start reaping the benefits ASAP. We have the deep experience to efficiently import all your data and assets, as well as ensure the platform is accurately configured and operating effectively.

From identifying and implementing the Listrak solutions that best meet your e-commerce needs, to crafting relevant and engaging email messages, to optimizing the cadence and frequency of triggered campaigns, FulcrumTech will get you where you need to be.

Check out just a few examples of key Listrak solutions the FulcrumTech team can plan and implement for you:

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandonment Suite (Shopping Cart Abandonment and Browse Abandonment Series)
  • Targeted Messages (formerly Advanced Retail Segmentation)
  • Product Merchandising (formerly Recommender Module)
  • On-Site Acquisition
  • Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition

In addition, FulcrumTech will integrate these and other Listrak digital marketing solutions with your current e-commerce platform (e.g., Magento, Shopify), resulting in a seamless data stream that can be used to create and automatically send relevant email messages based on each stage in your customer lifecycle. And, we can even integrate Listrak with numerous other proprietary or standard e-commerce platforms.

With FulcrumTech as your Listrak implementation partner, you also have the added benefit of our custom API and system enhancements and integrations. For example, we've developed a proprietary process for recapturing more shoppers who abandon their carts. FulcrumTech also has custom solutions for automating data imports into Listrak from data warehouses or direct channel integrations (e.g., website, social media networks).

How Does the FulcrumTech Implementation Process Work?

With over 10 years of email-marketing industry experience, we have our ESP-implementation and project-management process down to a science. FulcrumTech's Listrak-certified experts will guide you through the process to get you up and running fast, helping ensure maximum ROI.

During kickoff, the FulcrumTech team will walk you through the full project implementation. To continue to keep you up-to-date with your Listrak implementation project, FulcrumTech delivers weekly project and campaign progress reports.

FulcrumTech's "Masters of Conversations" Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Triggered email campaigns—automated marketing messages based on prospect and customer behaviors—are powerful because they're both timely and relevant. They allow you to proactively engage one-to-one with your subscribers, aligning your email communications at predetermined points of action along the customer journey. Not only are they are an effective way to nurture and convert prospects into paying customers, but they also do a great job at increasing the lifetime value of your customers by convincing them to purchase more. Definitely a win-win!

At Listrak, these automated marketing campaigns are called "Conversations." And at FulcrumTech, we're Masters of Conversations. We develop the strategy, architect an effective conversation track, and implement the automated marketing messages within Listrak. From Welcome series, shopping-cart abandonment campaigns, and promotional campaigns to nurturing and post-purchase series, we do it all (and we do it GREAT).

FulcrumTech Helps You Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

The FulcrumTech team will work with you to define the unique trigger points, onsite integrations, customer behavior, and conversation logic to create the most relevant journey possible for your subscribers.

Need to run a split test on an email message within an automated series? No problem! Using Listrak's A/B Split Testing feature, FulcrumTech can test multiple versions of an email within a journey, determine the winner, and automatically send the winning version at a predetermined time.

Plus, you'll get advanced conversation analytics for optimizing your email performance results with IntelliSents, FulcrumTech's proprietary email-analytics dashboard that's fully integrated with Listrak.

FulcrumTech and Listrak—A Winning Combination for E-Commerce Analytics and Reporting

Listrak provides several reports that let you capture, measure, and leverage customer data to create truly effective, one-to-one email messages—pretty cool, huh? Here are just a few examples:

  • Customizable, real-time data reporting
    Directly ties revenue from your online store to email campaigns. It also tracks conversions and can even be used to improve performance results.
  • Period-over-period reporting
    Lets you compare the results of two time periods in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Compare items like the number of emails sent, opened, and clicked; conversions; revenue; and more!
  • A/B split testing functionality
    Allows you to easily test multiple variables (in both triggered and promotional emails) and send the winning version at a predetermined time.

FulcrumTech IntelliSents Integrates with Listrak for Exceptional Analytics

To provide you with even more detailed and intuitive analytics and reporting for your email campaigns, FulcrumTech has created its proprietary and game-changing email-analytics dashboards—IntelliSents. We directly integrate with Listrak's native campaign reporting to take your campaign data reports to a totally new level.

What else do you get with IntelliSents integration? Check it out:

  • Email performance trends over time for any and all campaigns
  • Critical metrics to understand inbox placement (aka deliverability) at the ISP level (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo!, Comcast, AOL, Outlook)
  • Trends in your email unsubscribe and bounce rates, as well as spam complaints
  • Easy-to-read charts and graphs (say goodbye to manual reporting!)
  • First dibs on new IntelliSents features (e.g., report dashboards and metrics) as they're released