Email Campaign Development

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Email Campaign Development

Our creative philosophy:
It’s not creative unless it sells.

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Welcome Emails

Remember when your mom told you that first impressions count? She wasn’t lying. Typically, welcome emails get 3x the revenue-per-email as promotional mailings. We don’t call it the sign-up honeymoon for nothin’.

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Promotional Emails

We’ll help you hone in on your pitch-perfect offer by testing the alternatives and elegantly laying on the eloquence, optimizing each and every email so your prospects get a front-row seat to the one thing they won’t be able to resist.

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Transactional Emails

With overall open rates averaging greater than 70%, transactional emails can also be used to improve conversion rates to purchase, cross-sell, or up-sell products, increase web traffic, qualify leads, and provide marketing accountability.

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Drip Campaigns

Guess what? Timing really is everything. Our drip campaigns deliver the right email at the right time. When is your prospect ready to buy? When you are top of mind.

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Email Newsletters

We won’t just help you find the right words; we’ll also help you find the right strategy to take your newsletter, and turn it into a news event.

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Triggered Email Campaigns

Welcome to the closest you’ll get to reading your customers’ minds. Engage them based on what they’ve been clicking on. Automated to make it easy. Customized to make your customers…say yes.

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Shopping-Cart Abandonment

For every three people who buy your stuff, seven don’t. 60+%: The shocking percentage of sales you're losing every single day when customers were about to buy something, and then change their minds, abandoning your cart. They're the people you found, nurtured, and almost sold. Good thing we’re not in the business of almost.

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Reengagement Campaigns

Bad news: You lose 25% of your subscribers every year because, well, subscribers move on. Recapture the interest of this tricky audience segment, and earn back the attention of the subscribers you never meant to let go.

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Landing Page Optimization Services

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to get people to open your emails—but what then? You could tell them to click on a random place on your website, but you’ll have no control over what they do next. (In our business, we call that risky.) Or you could build a dedicated landing page, A/B test it, and watch the conversions roll in.

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