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Return Path Reengagement Email Review:
Does This Email Make It Hard to Say Goodbye?

♬ I’ve been waiting… for an email like you ♬
That’s the subject line of a reengagement email sent to someone who had opted in to receive emails from Return Path, but hadn’t opened an email from the company in a while. The bookend emoji music notes, along with the ellipsis in the middle of the subject line, succeed at making this email stand out in the inbox.

Eastern Mountain Sports Email Review: What’s the Big Deal?

This email was sent to an Eastern Mountain Sports customer who signed up to receive email promotions when making an in-store purchase. Upon first reading the subject line – “TBD” – the recipient thought the acronym stood for “to be determined” and that marketers had inadvertently hit the send button too soon. But that’s not what actually happened.

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