Oreck Email Review: Does It Persuade You to Update Your Preferences and “Vacuum Up” the Offer?

This email was sent to an Oreck customer who had recently brought her vacuum into a local store for service. The subject line—”Tell us about YOU!”—is straightforward and stands out in the inbox thanks to the use of uppercase letters. It’s also customer-centric, clearly expressing that the company is interested in “YOU!”

Love Your Melon Email Review: Does It Effectively Share the Love?

This email campaign was sent to a Love Your Melon fan and customer to announce the release of some new products: beanies for children, beanies and cuffed beanies, and sweatshirts. The campaign series consisted of a teaser email sent on the Friday before the products were available for purchase and a second email sent on the following Monday when the new products were released.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Email Review: Do you think it’s “delish?”

“Welcome to the Rachael Ray Nutrish Family!”

This is the subject line of a welcome email sent to a Nutrish customer who signed up through Facebook to receive coupons from the company. It’s a strong, enthusiastic subject line that incorporates the celebrity power of Rachael Ray and conveys exclusivity in becoming part of her “Nutrish family.”

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