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FulcrumTech optimized a TradeGreeks’ landing page, which increased the percentage of users who clicked through from that landing page to the company’s shopping cart by 151%.

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TradeGreeks ( is a Marion, OH-based company that provides thousands of individual investors with diversified options trading strategies and real-time option trading recommendations. Using a proprietary blend of fundamental and technical analysis, TradeGreeks consistently delivers independently verified high returns, regardless of the direction of the market.


This landing page was designed to encourage users to purchase a subscription for TradeGreeks’ Options Speed service. An email that included a link to the landing page was sent to people who had signed up for a free 2-week Options Speed trial. Although the email was successfully driving people to the landing page, the bounce rate from the landing page was high, and the click-through rate from the landing page to the shopping cart was low. As a result, TradeGreeks sought assistance from FulcrumTech to optimize the landing page and improve performance metrics.


To grab users’ attention quickly and encourage them to click through to the TradeGreeks’ shopping cart, FulcrumTech implemented a number of changes to the landing page’s messaging and design. These changes included:

  • Creating a strong headline that provided users with the “what’s in it for me?”
  • Creating a subhead that effectively removed barriers to purchase, emphasizing no hidden fees and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Changing the photograph to feature a person who looked more middle management than corporate to appeal to a broader spectrum of users
  • Limiting the number of bullet points and using uppercase in the bulleted copy to highlight the important benefits
  • Designing the call-to-action button to be more prominent and include the incentive to “save.”


Within 1 month of implementing the changes to the landing page, TradeGreeks experienced significant improvements in both the landing page bounce rate and click-throughs to their shopping cart.

Landing page bounce rates improved by 114%
Click-through rates increased by 151%

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