Case Study: Frontline Medical Communications (FMC)

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Through Testing and Optimization, FulcrumTech Increased the Unique Click-Through Rate of an Email Campaign by 40%

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Frontline Medical Communications (FMC) is one of the healthcare industry’s largest multimedia medical communications companies and a leader in digital, print, and live events. The company reaches more than 1.2 million healthcare professionals, with 33 brands serving 20 distinct market segments.


FMC approached FulcrumTech to optimize an email template that features a weekly single-question quiz and is used over many brands and medical specialties. The goal of the optimization process was to drive more subscribers to click through and take more quizzes.


FulcrumTech radically redesigned the template. Some of the improvements made, for example, included:

  • A second call-to-action button at the top-right corner of the email
  • Key copy in the email made to be clickable
  • A shorter and more prominent headline
  • A new subhead copy component.

Since the redesign, we have continued to test and optimize such elements as subject lines, mastheads, headlines, and calls to action.


After the second full month of testing, the unique click-through rate for this weekly medical quiz email campaign increased by an average of 40% across all brands and medical specialties. And thanks to testing and optimization, the performance results for this email campaign are continuing to improve each month.

Average unique click-through rate increased by 40%

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