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Thanks to improvements identified by FulcrumTech’s 10-Point Email Assessment, onTargetJobs’ annual revenue increased by 20%.

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As the leading provider of online niche job boards, onTargetJobs is the parent company of three leading niche employment websites and a network of 400 local employment websites.


Realizing that their email newsletters were not meeting performance expectations, onTargetJobs tapped FulcrumTech to help drive improvement.


FulcrumTech conducted a 10-Point Email Assessment for onTargetJobs, which identified the following opportunities for focused improvement:

  • Improve list by analyzing inactive emails and conducting reengagement campaigns.
  • Redesign the subscriber management page to create an easier user experience and improve the conversion of new leads.
  • Refine onTargetJobs’ newsletter campaigns by reducing frequency, improving targeting, and, ultimately, driving higher conversions.
  • Redesign the onTargetJobs’ website to align content with specific job-seeker types.
  • Create new, cleaner newsletter designs with clear calls to action, engagement drivers, and improved subscriber management.


Within several months of implementing the first round of changes, onTargetJobs’ experienced significant improvements in their email newsletters’ performance metrics. In addition, list cleanup enabled enhanced metrics for paid targeted email campaigns.

Open rates increased by 20%
Click-through rates increased by 25%
Annual revenue increased by 20%

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