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Learn more from your email and web metrics

One of the greatest benefits of online marketing is the ability to track your results immediately in detail. The trick is in knowing how to interpret those metrics to understand where your email program needs help and what needs to be done to make improvements. At FulcrumTech, we are experts at analyzing email-marketing results, preparing easy-to-understand reports, and guiding you to the next steps toward greater email marketing success.

Email metrics and email campaign analysis

When you work with FulcrumTech, we will track the results of every email you send and provide reports so that you can gauge the success of your activity. Our analysis will cover individual emails and entire email campaigns. Because reporting is so quick and easy, you can test multiple versions of a promotion before you send it out or modify promotions that are not performing as desired. You can also learn who responded to an email to enable you to further segment your list.

A/B and multivariable testing

Another exciting use of email metrics is for testing. The quick feedback from email marketing enables you to test one or several aspects of an email or a campaign to determine which one yields the best results. This enables you to tweak your subject line, design, headline, or any other feature to yield the highest ROI possible. Learn more about A/B and multivariable testing (also known as multivariate testing).

Email deliverability services

Your emails may be really great. But if they don’t reach your audience, it doesn’t matter how good they are. That’s where FulcrumTech’s deliverability assessment comes in. We can help you find out if your emails are getting through. Then, we’ll help you to improve your delivery rate for better overall email marketing results. Learn more about deliverability testing.

Email campaign ROI analysis

Are you overwhelmed with email metrics and unsure how to interpret the results? Do you wonder how to translate these results into specific steps for improvement? That’s where FulcrumTech’s exclusive ROI analysis model comes in. This powerful email metrics and financial modeling tool lets you enter your data to determine the current state of your email-marketing program. But that’s just the first step. Our advanced capabilities enable you to quantify the specific changes you need to make to reach your goals and achieve the maximum ROI. Learn more about FulcrumTech’s powerful email metrics analysis capabilities.

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