FulcrumTech designed, implemented, and optimized a welcome email campaign that increased weekly revenue by 63.6% and return on investment by 64%

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Icontrol Networks is a leader in connected home technology that creates solutions designed to provide greater peace of mind, enable simple home and energy management, and make life more convenient for consumers worldwide.


Icontrol Networks approached FulcrumTech to develop, implement, and manage an effective email-marketing program to generate and grow new product sales online — domestically and internationally — for its home security system, Piper. Although Piper already had a single welcome email in place, Icontrol Networks sought help for optimizing the brand’s email-marketing program to better nurture subscribers and drive additional product sales and upsells.


FulcrumTech completed an in-depth value proposition assessment and used the information obtained during that process to develop a new messaging strategy for Piper's welcome email campaign. This new strategy expanded the company's previous single-email campaign to include a series of three emails in which each email builds on the previous email's message.

The email messages highlight the unique product features not available from any of the company's competitors. FulcrumTech also designed the series to show consumers how easy the product is to customize and scale as their lifestyles change. And at the end of the series, a discount is offered for use toward prospects' first online purchase.

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As part of the first email optimization tests, FulcrumTech adjusted the cadence of the welcome series. By reducing the time between emails, unique open rates for email #2 and email #3 increased by 17% — a statistically significant result. In addition, clicks from this welcome email series generated significantly more traffic to Piper’s website and online store (where the conversions occur).

Average associated weekly revenue increased by 63.6%
Return on investment increased by 64%

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