Social Network Grows to More than 300 Members Strong in its First Month

Client Overview

F.A. Davis Company is a leading healthcare publishing firm that publishes medical, nursing, physical therapy and other health profession texts, references, resources and educational software.

Business Challenge

F.A. Davis was looking for ways to extend its current educational market beyond students and schools. The physical therapy segment of F.A. Davis Company’s healthcare professional market was the focus for this project. As a group, physical therapists are extremely decentralized and, thus, have a need for a mechanism that would help bring them together. There are typically two major physical therapy conferences in the U.S. each year, for example, and less than 10% of physical therapists have the opportunity to attend.


FulcrumTech developed a social network specifically for physical therapy professionals. To accomplish this, a single domain DavisPTnetwork was created to bring together physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. The social network is part of a comprehensive online business strategy that also includes a continuing education offering for physical therapists. In this way, the social network drives traffic and builds the community and base to support the continuing education business model.

This social network was designed and promoted to provide physical therapist professionals with the opportunity to:

  • Reconnect with colleagues from school and previous jobs, as well as make new professional connections
  • Communicate and collaborate directly with the industry’s top authors, educators and experts
  • Share and keep up with the latest clinical trends and advances in discussion forums
  • Post questions and help answer other physical therapy professionals’ questions.


DavisPTnetwork already has more than 300 registered members – and the number is growing weekly – less than one month after the Web site was introduced at a major physical therapy conference. In addition, more than 50 prominent authors have already joined DavisPTnetwork, providing physical therapy professionals the unprecedented opportunity for direct access to leading industry experts.

Through DavisPTnetwork, F.A. Davis Company is demonstrating the firm’s commitment to the entire physical therapy community and successfully extending their reach beyond the educational segment of this market.

To see the press release about DavisPTnetwork, click here.


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