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Deliverability Essentials: $149

Are you having trouble getting your email through spam filters? Are your emails being junked by Outlook, AOL, Comcast, or others? These email deliverability problems are becoming more and more common. And, for every email that is not delivered, you may see a corresponding drop in open rate, click through, conversion and, ultimately, your ROI.

The first step to understanding how to solve your email delivery issues is to uncover the source of the problems. FulcrumTech offers two packages that can help you improve your email deliverability.

What You Get with Email Deliverability Essentials

Delivered in as little as 24 hours, this high-level review looks at all of the email deliverability factors. We assess how effectively your current email program manages these essentials. The results of this analysis will give you an overview of where your email program needs improvement in order to enhance your deliverability. The factors we look at include:

  • Technical setup: authentication, registration, domain setup, opt-in process
  • IP blacklist check
  • Domain blacklist check
  • Spam content review

For a limited time, we’re offering Email Deliverability Essentials for only $149. This special pricing expires , so be sure to place your order today!

Contact us or give us a call at 215-489-9336 to learn more about Email Deliverability Essentials.

Comprehensive Email Deliverability Audit

If you know you need help getting more of your permission-based email delivered to subscribers, then our Comprehensive Email Deliverability Audit is the solution. This complete analysis looks at the many factors and practices, both technical and non-technical, that can affect deliverability.

Your Comprehensive Email Delivery Audit report will cover findings related to:

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Permission practices
  • List management
  • Baseline deliverability with primary Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Advertising practices
  • Blacklists and reputation management
  • Recommendations for improvements.

Since this comprehensive audit is tailored to the needs of your organization, pricing varies but is always affordable. Call us to learn more at 215-489-9336 or click here to contact us.

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