Email Newsletter Generates High Open Rates and Significant List Growth

Client Overview

Our client is one of the leading publishers of price estimator books and software for the remodeling and renovation industries. Tens of thousands of professional remodeling contractors and handymen depend on the very best estimating and business management information from HomeTech.

Business Challenge

This client sought to improve their relationship with customers and prospects as a way to help build their book and software business. For the foundation of their communication strategy, they decided to distribute an e-newsletter. However, they did not have a permission-based email marketing list.


  1. FulcrumTech analyzed the client’s customers and prospects, as well as the remodeling industry market, and determined a set of educational topics that would be of value on a regular basis. Based on this information, FulcrumTech handled the implementation of a newsletter including creating the editorial calendar, visual design, copywriting, promotion, email distribution and metrics.
  2. FulcrumTech developed a list-building strategy that generated e-newsletter sign-ups through multiple avenues online and offline. We leveraged existing points of contact with customers and prospects to generate a steady flow of newsletter opt-in subscribers. In addition, FulcrumTech developed the concept, design and copywriting for a PDF incentive that was distributed to people who signed up for the newsletter.


By the end of 6 months, we had built their list from zero to thousands with the e-newsletter achieving average open rates of over 40%. Our client’s management believes that a stronger bond with customers equates to higher sales as they are perceived as a leader in the industry. The successful e-newsletter also enables them to launch new products more easily and receive a quicker response from their engaged audience.


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