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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) provides a digital marketing suite that helps you deliver personalized email experiences and nurture strong relationships with your customers. But how do you develop a great strategy, determine which Salesforce software best meets your company's marketing needs, and then successfully implement and manage the email-marketing campaigns? FulcrumTech can show you how it's done.

Whether you're about to purchase Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s automated marketing platform or already have it and want to leverage more of its capabilities, FulcrumTech has the certified experts and deep experience to help you use it effectively. After all, we've been working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud since the days it was known as ExactTarget—and that's many years!

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services:

Account and Data Design, Configuration, and Setup

FulcrumTech will architect your cloud marketing solution with Salesforce to meet your organization's specific needs. We can fully configure your account, including everything from lists and data extensions to authentication, IP warm-up, reply handling, campaign setup, and reporting. With this powerful digital marketing suite you will have the best tool to increase ROI of your email campaigns.

Journey Builder

Harness the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's campaign-planning tool, Journey Builder. With Journey builder, FulcrumTech can help you develop and implement multichannel campaigns that respond to customers' behaviors, effectively guiding them through every step of their journey with your company and its products. Journey Builder can give a boost to your digital marketing sales program.

Cloud Marketing Automation

With a powerful automated marketing platform, you can automate basic data imports and exports or a complex campaign in Journey Builder. The FulcrumTech team has extensive experience with Automation Studio, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud application that enables you to easily implement simple or multi-step automations. We can help you use this automation marketing solution to generate leads, nurture prospects and customers, and save time getting it done.

Targeted Email-Marketing Campaign Management

From developing a winning strategy to designing stunning email templates that convert, to implementing email campaign development, to analyzing metrics and achieving email-marketing optimization, FulcrumTech's team of email-marketing certified experts does it all. We can help you optimize your email campaign in Salesforce Email Studio, or whatever ESP you are using. We’ve been successfully managing email campaigns since 2004.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

FulcrumTech can provide your team with hands-on training to help your company leverage all of the capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) platform to maximize your return on investment.

FulcrumTech's seasoned team of certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation specialists will work hard to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

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