FulcrumTech Helps Clients Achieve Outstanding Email-Marketing Results with Automation and Real-Time Testing and Optimization

Doylestown, PA – In 2014, the email-marketing agency FulcrumTech, LLC helped numerous clients achieve outstanding email-marketing results. A few examples of FulcrumTech’s 2014 client success stories include:

  • Helping an online education company exceed its previous biggest sales day by over 300%
  • Increasing click-to-open rates by 27% and subscription sales by 67% for a news and media client
  • Saving a publishing industry client more than 40 labor hours weekly.

“As we look back at these and other recent success stories,” observes FulcrumTech President Mitch Lapides, “automation and real-time testing and optimization have consistently played a major role in helping us achieve great email campaign results for our clients.”

FulcrumTech’s team of email-marketing certified experts has deep experience with email service provider (ESP) applications. Using this experience, the FulcrumTech team assesses clients’ email production processes and technical platforms to identify ways to effectively use automation. Converting manual emails to automated emails, for example, can result in significant time and cost savings.

A solid email-optimization plan that drives changes to the factors affecting campaign performance is also integral to email-marketing success. At FulcrumTech, email optimization typically involves setting up A/B split tests or multivariate testing to look at such elements as subject lines, headlines, offers, calls to action, design, as well as day of the week and time sent. Then, changes are made in real time, providing continuous improvement in user engagement and email campaign performance. According to Lapides, the FulcrumTech team will continue to heavily leverage automation and real-time testing and optimization to drive email performance results for clients in 2015.

For more insight on the steps FulcrumTech takes to help clients get the biggest returns for their email-marketing investment, read the article: “How FulcrumTech Helps Clients Achieve Outstanding Email-Marketing Results with Automation & Real-Time Testing & Optimization.

About FulcrumTech, LLC

Based in Doylestown, PA, FulcrumTech, LLC is an email-marketing agency that provides strategic guidance and the expert team to design, develop, and implement online-marketing programs that produce digital marketing return on investment (ROI). FulcrumTech specializes in increasing email ROI for companies of all types and sizes, from small business to industry. FulcrumTech was founded in 2004 by Mitch Lapides, a senior technology-product executive with more than 20 years of experience in turning around or building multiple online publishing and web-based businesses. For more information about FulcrumTech, visit www.fulcrumtech.net.

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