FulcrumTech Introduces ROI Goalsetter® – A Revolutionary Web-Based Email Return-on-Investment Calculator

Thanks to FulcrumTech’s new ROI Goalsetter tool, marketers can now quickly, easily, and accurately calculate the current return on investment of their email campaigns, as well as potential returns based on email improvements.

Doylestown, PA – February 22, 2012 – The suburban Philadelphia-based email-marketing agency FulcrumTech, LLC developed and recently launched a sophisticated, web-based email return on investment (ROI) calculator called ROI Goalsetter®. Designed to assess both current and future email campaigns, the ROI Goalsetter model helps marketers understand the growth and attrition of their email lists – as well as current and potential measurable returns – if they improve one or more factors, such as open rates or landing-page conversion rates. Marketers can then use this powerful data to justify the expense associated with these improvements by showing expected ROI.

“Since starting FulcrumTech, we’ve worked with numerous clients and prospects who have been frustrated by how to justify their email-marketing programs,” observes Mitch Lapides, Founder and CEO of FulcrumTech. “They want to know how much they’ll get in return from a certain level of marketing investment.” Email marketers have found it challenging to identify and incorporate all of the many components making up the return and costs of email campaigns, he explains. Comparing historic email ROI to “what if” scenarios is also daunting. “Until the ROI Goalsetter tool,” says Lapides, “there hasn’t been a way to accurately and easily calculate email-marketing ROI.”

In response to this industry need, FulcrumTech developed the ROI Goalsetter tool, which incorporates the four main categories that impact email-marketing ROI for email campaigns:

  1. List size and growth (e.g., list size, growth rate, level of inactives)
  2. List attrition (e.g., unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, spam complaints)
  3. Costs (e.g., email design, production, distribution costs)
  4. Email overview and performance (e.g., open rate, click-through rates, landing- page conversion rate, revenue per conversion)

ROI Goalsetter users can quickly enter data about each of these factors affecting email ROI in the model’s data-entry wizard. Within just a few minutes, they can then generate a 12-month financial model of their email-marketing campaigns. Sliders are also available to modify any of the factors, which allow users to see in real time the impact of the changes. The underlying mathematical algorithms and formulas leverage years of client work and statistical modeling by FulcrumTech’s analytical team.

A subscription for a full year of access to ROI Goalsetter is $149.95. For a limited time, however, FulcrumTech is providing a 90-day free trial period to users. For more information about the ROI Goalsetter tool and the opportunity for a free trial, please visit https://fulcrumtech.net/email-roi/.

About FulcrumTech, LLC

Based in Doylestown, PA, FulcrumTech, LLC, is an email-marketing agency that provides strategic guidance to design, develop, and implement comprehensive online marketing programs. Each of FulcrumTech’s client engagements is tailor-made to accurately communicate the marketing message that best reaches the customer base. FulcrumTech was founded in 2004 by Mitch Lapides, a senior interactive-product executive with more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, IT management, software product development, and content licensing and product management. For more information about FulcrumTech, visit www.fulcrumtech.net.

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