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Email-Marketing Services

At FulcrumTech, we eat, sleep, and breathe email marketing. From building strong value propositions to figuring out why you're not meeting your conversion goals, our technical, strategic, and creative email-marketing services teams do it all. Work with us on your entire email program, a specific email-marketing campaign, or an individual project. Let us be your email-marketing solution!

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Strategic Email Planning and Assessment Services

How effective are your current email-marketing campaigns? Are there areas throughout your customer journey that could be stronger? FulcrumTech has the deep email-marketing expertise needed to help you answer those questions and reach your future goals for performance and ROI.

You can get there from here. And we'll show you how.

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Email Campaign Development and Email Management Services

Email newsletters? Yup. Triggered email-marketing campaigns? You betcha. Regardless of the campaign, we have you covered in the email campaign management process, from strategy to copy, design and development of templates, and analytics. Let us manage emails and email campaigns.

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Email Service Provider Selection and Implementation Services

It all starts with the right technology platform that has all the features you need. And we have an email-marketing management team dedicated to making sure you choose the right one (such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Listrak, Klaviyo, dotmailer, or other appropriate platform).

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Email Deliverability Services

The success of your email-marketing program is highly dependent on your email deliverability. Because all of the planning, strategy, and implementation in the world won't matter if your prospects never see the emails that you send.

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He won't just inspire your team—he'll help you turn your ideas into reality.

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Strategic Email Planning & Email Program Assessment

The truth: Email campaign planning and overall strategy will define how successful your program is. That’s where we come in — we have the expertise to develop a highly effective email-marketing strategy. We will use our proprietary email methods to analyze the current state of your email-marketing program, identify where you can boost your return on investment (ROI) right now, and build an effective email-marketing strategy from there. Because building without a foundation is, well, a shaky idea.

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The Services

Email Campaign Map

You know where we’d all be without maps? Lost. That’s why we map every touch point of your customers’ journey. (Basically, we take off your marketer hat and encourage you to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes.) We find the holes (read: opportunities) by looking at everything: Frequency. Timing. Calls to action. Offer. Messaging…the works. So we can find out what works. Then, we map out what the customer journey should be – and the email campaign you need to get there.

We haven’t had a client yet who didn’t say, “OMG, I didn’t know that!” or “How did you figure that out?”

FulcrumTech has the email campaign management experience to reach your goals.

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10-Point Email Assessment

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve identified 10 critical aspects of an amazing email program that drive ROI. We’ll conduct a methodical review of each of these 10 points, give you a decisive plan of action for short-term gains, and provide an outline of exactly what needs to be done in the future to experience long-term gains.

As email marketing managers, we go behind the scenes, analyze your existing data, and break down your current email-marketing strategy to arrive at your ROI Road Map, which will:

  • Uncover sneaky issues hiding in your email that negatively impact performance
  • Identify critical areas of improvement that need to be addressed
  • Tell you what you’re doing right to ensure you keep doing it
  • Give you a prioritized list of changes to implement moving forward

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Email Campaign Management and Development

Looking for someone to manage your entire email program?

Look No Further

The Services

Email Program Management & Ongoing Optimization

Email Program Management Services

Your email program should be running like a well-oiled machine (and it juuuuust so happens that we are email engineers).

Depending on what you’re looking for, we’ll do any (or all) of the following when it comes to email management solutions:

  • Lay the groundwork: We’ll look at everything from your historical email campaign data to your value proposition. In doing so, we’ll figure out how you can nurture your prospects into long-term clients/customers and improve customer relations.
  • Develop the strategy: We’ll create a blueprint of your current email marketing campaigns. And then? Create a roadmap of where we’ll take your program, backed by a rock-solid, data-driven strategy for more effective emails.
  • Create the campaigns: We’ve got a full team of copywriters, designers, and developers. The one thing they have in common? They’re obsessed with ROI and know how to get it!
  • Develop custom financial models: You’ll see what levers to pull and know exactly where to focus optimization to maximize your email program’s value.
  • Report on the metrics that matter: We’ll move beyond the open rates and clicks to the metrics that matter to you (such as revenue, page views, and list growth, to name a few).
  • Act as your production house: If you need someone to just make it happen, look no further.

Ongoing Optimization

Once you have a rock-solid email-marketing strategy and well-defined campaign objectives in place, then we build on that foundation. We use a process of continuous full testing to improve marketing conversions and other key performance indicators.

We create targeted treatments (subject lines, creative, you name it) and call the statistically significant winners. Plus, you’ll see every peak, valley, and trend along the way — all part of our policy of transparent reporting. All you need to do? Put your feet up and watch your program grow.

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Email Campaign Creative

Great email campaign creation does more than just sing–it soars. Successful creative connects with customers in ways they may not even be fully aware of. But you can do that only by truly understanding their journey. So our mantra is: Understand. Engage. Convert. The result is a rewarding, long-term relationship. We just hope you’re not afraid of commitment.

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Email Campaign Development

Click through to learn more about our most requested email marketing campaign development services:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Promotional/Service Emails
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Newsletters
  • Triggered Email Campaigns
  • Shopping-Cart Abandonment
  • Reengagement Campaigns
  • Landing-Page Optimization Services

Have another email marketing campaign in mind? Give us a shout. We promise: We’ve seen it before.

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Email List-building & Email List Management

Maybe you’re just starting off and not sure where to get names. Maybe you bought an email list and aren’t pleased with its performance. Maybe you’re dealing with list inactivity or attrition. We can fix any email list problem through database management. The only catch? We’re permission email-marketers. That means that we won’t just grow your email list for the sake of growing it—we’ll grow it only with quality names. Because a smaller, more active list will trump a larger, less active list any day of the week. Just ask your bottom line.

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Custom Email Preference Centers

We create custom email preference centers that merge email profile and email subscription functions in one, easy-to-manage location. The best part? We handle everything. Designing the user interface with your brand in mind? Yup. Coding the API calls? Check. Encrypting links? Well, let’s just say you can sleep well knowing your subscriber information will be safe. The only thing we’ll expect you to do? Sit back and get to know your email subscribers better.

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The Services

Email Service Provider (ESP) Selection

The fact of the matter is this: An email program can only be as sophisticated (or limited) as its ESP. It only makes sense that you would put as much effort into selecting the right email platform as you do with your professional email programs. The trick? Finding an ESP that really suits your business needs.

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First, we’ll meet with you to uncover your business goals. We’ll identify exactly what you want and need from your ESP to allow your email program to scale in the future. Then, we’ll work within your budget to find an ESP that meets your objectives–not just for where you are today, but where you want to be tomorrow.

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Email Service Provider Implementation

Looking for fast, efficient implementation? Here’s how we guide you through the implementation process so that you maximize your return on investment (ROI):

  1. Account Setup: From account configuration, to email list segmentation and reporting, we’ll set everything up for you so that you can see what you want to see when you want to see it.
  2. IP Warm-up: We’ll make sure that your email engagement metrics don’t suffer when you’re ready to launch. Whether you’re new to the world of ESPs or transitioning to a new email platform, we’ll develop a custom IP warm-up plan that maximizes your email delivery.
  3. Email Customization and Email Automation: We’ll look at your current email program, identify how to save your team the most time and effort, and figure out which tools best serve your needs and budget. So whether you’re looking to reduce your man-hours through marketing automation, capitalize on customer engagement through triggers, or even publish syndicated emails, we have your back.

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Certified Email Service Provider Resellers

Because we send emails for our clients, we’re able to pass on special pricing to them for some of the best ESPs on today’s market. And, as certified resellers, we can not only get you a great price every month, but also train you to get the most bang from your buck.

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Email Deliverability Services

As email-marketing consultants, it's our mission to help you deliver high-performing email-marketing campaigns that will grow your company and drive serious return on investment (ROI). But we can't do that if your emails aren't landing in your customers' and prospects' inboxes! That's why we begin with an in-depth email-performance review for all of our email campaign management clients, and we provide ongoing email deliverability services to keep their program running seamlessly.

From technical infrastructure and blacklists to engagement, spam, foldering, and beyond, we'll dive into your email program and use email delivery and deliverability best practices, along with our 10+ years of experience in deliverability remediation, to determine where your messages are going and why they're going there. Then, we'll develop and implement a plan to get your emails back into the inbox.

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The Services

Comprehensive Email Deliverability Audit

Although deliverability problems are most often caused by engagement issues, it's critical to look at all of the major deliverability factors—let's leave no stone unturned. So, if you arrive at our doorstep with deliverability problems, we're going to take a look under the hood of your program, while typically working simultaneously on your engagement issues.

First, we'll dive into the email deliverability factors (both technical and nontechnical) affecting your email-marketing program. Ultimately, we'll provide you with a custom-tailored report that covers:

  • Email infrastructure setup
  • Email permission practices
  • Email list management
  • Baseline email deliverability with primary Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Email advertising practices
  • Blacklists and email reputation management
  • Email subscriber engagement metrics review
  • Recommendations for improvements

At the end, you'll know what needs to be improved—and most importantly, how we plan to improve it. Because behind every great email-marketing consultant is a plan of action!

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Ongoing Email Deliverability Monitoring

After we complete our deliverability audit for our new email management clients, we don't cross our fingers and hope it improves on its own—we act on it! If we uncover that you have a deliverability problem, not only will we create and manage engaging emails for you, but we'll devise and implement a plan of action to get your emails out of the Gmail spam or other junk folders.

As email-marketing consultants, we make it a priority to ensure that your emails are delivered into the inbox. And we do it by focusing on:

  • A solid authentication process (i.e., DKIM, SPF, DMARC)
  • Strategic sending recommendations
  • Good email-sender reputation monitoring
  • Fostering ISP relationships
  • Whitelisting process recommendations
  • Daily send monitoring and reaction recommendations

Are you ready to improve your email-marketing program? By combining the creation of robust email campaigns along with constant deliverability monitoring and remediation, your email-marketing program is destined for success!

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Book CEO & President Mitch Lapides to Speak

Mitch Lapides is an email-marketing veteran who is passionate about sharing his more than 25 years of industry experience to help professionals identify and solve their organizations’ email-marketing challenges and needs.

He’s the former Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Gartner; Executive Vice President, Health Sciences Division, Reed Elsevier; Vice President, Electronic Products, Springhouse Corporation; and now, CEO & President of FulcrumTech, specializing in email intelligence for big business. But most important? He'll get your team excited about maximizing email return on investment (ROI).

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Most-Requested Topics

Mitch speaks on a wide range of topics that run the email gamut, so if you’re looking for something particular, give us a shout. We will work with you to create a session that’s worthwhile for your attendees.

Or check out the most frequently requested topics Mitch loves to speak about:

5 Steps to Email-Marketing Success

Mitch reveals five specific and actionable ways to increase your email ROI and effective marketing strategies. Also, get a sneak peek on best-in-class email list-building practices.

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How to Maximize Your Email-Marketing ROI

Mitch shows you how to measure and quantify the current state of your program and determine which combination of changes will have the biggest impact on your ROI. You’ll walk away with 17 solid tricks for improving your open, click, and conversion rates. You’ll even get access to tools you can take back to the office.

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CAN-SPAM Act – An Overview

Mitch will give you a layman’s summary of the primary law requirements (both U.S. and international) and penalties for noncompliance. See real-world examples of do’s and don’ts and finally understand the law that has email marketers talking.

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The Business Lead-Generation Playbook

Mitch shares his powerful, proprietary six-step process for developing the best lead-gen strategy for your organization. Plus, discover several key metrics and statistics you can use to justify the components of your own lead-generation system.

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Permission Marketing – Building Relationships and Sales

Mitch shares several top strategies for building a high-quality permission-based list, integrating promotional email with a solid Web foundation and landing page optimization, as well as the testing metrics you should care about.

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