Solid service from a trusted Lyris HQ Platinum Partner

You're probably wondering...

"I already have an in-house email-marketing team. Why would I need FulcrumTech to help me with Lyris HQ?"

Maybe you manage your company’s email-marketing strategy. Perhaps you manage the entire marketing department. No matter your role, no doubt you have your hands full. Getting your marketing campaigns to fire on all cylinders is a full-time job and then some. How do you get the most out of your email service provider? Are you optimizing your ability to get your emails delivered? Opened? Clicked? When will you find the time to dig into the analytics to figure out where the opportunities are? What about spam and other deliverability problems? And how do you make sense of all of this social media integration stuff that everyone’s talking about?

Relax, and let us help you. Our experts have experienced every possible challenge and can save you time helping you with your unique issues and opportunities. Then you’ll have the time you need to focus on the bigger picture.

Dependable Email Deliverability with Lyris HQ™

Do you hit send and hope for the best?

Wouldn’t you rather know for sure that your emails are getting through? Of course!

If you’re using a consumer-oriented email tool, you’re getting what you’re paying for. And that’s not much. Some of your email likely isn’t getting to your recipients, and you may not even know it. Other senders’ poor practices may be preventing your legitimate emails from getting through.

It’s time to step up to Lyris HQ, an enterprise-class system with an entire department devoted to deliverability, nurturing relationships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and proactively monitoring accounts to protect all of its clients. Uncover potential email delivery issues before you send, so you can be on the right path to improved email ROI.

Are you getting through?

Lyris provides various delivery tools to help you stay on top of your deliverability:


A suite of Lyris HQ tools to uncover, track, and manage many issues that could negatively impact your deliverability, before you hit the send button on your next campaign.

My EmailAdvisor Report Card

A quick snapshot of where you stand with deliverability, content spam scoring, blacklists, and rendering.

Delivery Monitor

Provides detailed results of a delivery test of your email to 20 major ISPs.

Content Analyzer

Gives you a score and supporting details of whether your email content may be viewed as spam.

Blacklist Monitor

Detects whether your IP address is listed on any major blacklists.

Competitive Lyris HQ™ pricing through FulcrumTech

You’re in business to make money.

Your email campaign ROI depends, in part, on minimizing spending and maximizing value. How can we help you do that? We send millions of emails every month for our clients. Can we get great pricing for you? You bet.

How can FulcrumTech help you save on your email service?

FulcrumTech is a Platinum Agency Partner with Lyris, Inc. — a comprehensive email service provider that ranks among the best on the market today. As a result of this partnership, FulcrumTech sends millions of emails a month. With that kind of volume, we can pass on better pricing to our clients each and every month. It all adds up to more ROI for your email program.

We can get you set up quickly and at a great price. Find out how today!

Email Marketing & CRM Database Integration with Lyris HQ™ API

What’s an API and why should I care?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a fancy way of describing how your email data and in-house data communicate with each other. Being able to seamlessly integrate your email data with your internal databases can automate tedious tasks and help you get so much more out of your email-marketing programs.

What can Lyris HQ’s API do for you?

Lyris HQ’s sophisticated API capabilities allow you to:

  • Synchronize your email list with your in-house list in real time — no manual uploads.
  • Automate message creation and distribution for newsletters, promotional emails, and more.
  • Easily move data between your website and email list for nurturing campaigns.
  • Send transactional emails (such as confirmation emails) and track their effectiveness.
  • Bring your performance and other related email metrics from Lyris HQ directly into your internal dashboards.
  • Support a robust, customized preference center on your website to collect and manage subscriber attributes.

Reduce human error, speed up tedious tasks, and deliver more robust, relevant, and targeted emails — and then analyze them in more depth than ever before for consistent improvement in email ROI. We’ll get you up and running smoothly in less time than you ever thought possible.

Solid Email Analytics with Lyris HQ™

Do you know, really know, how well your email program is performing?

Lyris HQ puts crystal-clear data at your fingertips to help you measure performance and pinpoint where to spend your resources.

Just a few of the email analytics you can get from Lyris HQ:

Email Marketing – Reports Overview:

Quick overview of your email’s performance — unique opens, unique clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and more

Top Domains Report:

Details of your email by primary domain.

List Breakdown Reports:

Makeup of your list, such as most active members, members broken down by demographics, and new subscribers to your list.

Campaign Reports:

Aggregate click-through and open statistics across multiple mailings.

Segment Reports:

Counts and breakdowns of your segments.

Emailed List Reports:

Reports that break down your list to be delivered to you via email.

Emailed Message Reports:

Statistics about your mailings delivered to you via email.

ISP Status:

EmailAdvisor ISP Status Report.

and more...