7 Easy Tips to Radically Improve Your Email-Marketing Results Today

7 Easy Tips to Improve Your Email-Marketing

7 Easy Tips to Radically Improve Your Email-Marketing Results Today

At FulcrumTech, we’re fanatical about continually optimizing our clients’ email-marketing performance and return on investment. Here, we share seven easy-to-implement improvements to help you drive double- and even triple-digit increases in your email results.

Optimization Tips for Your Welcome Emails

  1. Add more emails to your welcome campaign. When new subscribers opt in to receive emails from a company, a welcome email is typically sent to let them know about the content and frequency of emails they can expect. By creating and sending a series of welcome emails, you can also help educate and nurture prospective new customers about your products during their pre-purchase consideration cycle. Plus, consider including an offer in your welcome series – such as a special introductory discount off new customers’ first purchase.

    We’ve found this strategy of sending a welcome email series (versus a single welcome email) to be a highly effective way to increase open, click-through, and conversion rates. For example, one of our clients originally was sending a single welcome email message to its new subscribers. FulcrumTech designed and implemented a welcome series that consisted of three emails. The increased number of opens and clicks generated significantly more traffic to the client’s website and online store, resulting in a 60% increase in revenue.

    Already sending a welcome series? Consider adding an additional email to the campaign; we’ve seen improvements made by adding a third, fourth, and yes, even a fifth email!

  2. Adjust your email cadence. Cadence refers to the timing and pattern of emails sent in a campaign series. And in the email world, cadence has a particularly significant impact on the success of welcome campaigns. For example, we saw a 17% increase to the unique open rate for a welcome campaign series when we transitioned from a seven-day schedule to a three-day schedule.

    Check out this previous NewsLever article to learn more about how to find the right email cadence for your campaigns.

Optimization Tips for Your Abandoned-Cart Emails

  1. Test the frequency and timing between emails. Avoid bombarding your prospects and customers with too many abandoned-cart emails. We’ve found that, for example, a series of three emails is the sweet spot for most markets. As far as timing, the first email should be sent within one day after the cart was abandoned – then, a second email a day or two later, and a third email a day or two after that. Be sure to run optimization tests on your abandoned-cart email series to determine the optimum frequency and cadence for your company’s specific target audience.
  2. Modify your incentive. Sometimes, offering cart abandoners an incentive in the final email in a series is just the push they need to convert. If that’s something your company is doing, try changing the offer to drive even more sales. For example, we helped a client achieve a 25% lift in sales by changing the incentive from 50% off a product to buying two products for the price of one.

Optimization Tips for Your Promotional Emails

  1. Focus on subject line themes. When it comes to subject lines, stop worrying about character counts and instead create subject lines that are congruent with your email message. For example, test subject lines that present an offer or versions of an offer (e.g., dollars off, buy-one-get-one-free deals, etc.), highlight a headline, or leverage a call to action in the email. Click here for more information about ways to create subject lines that motivate action.
  2. Rephrase your offers. Although percentage-based discounts tend to be the most popular type used in promotional email marketing, offers that are based on a dollar value often drive more conversions. Perhaps that’s because dollar discounts are perceived as a credit, which makes people feel as if they’re losing money by not using them. In fact, studies have shown that redemptions of dollar-based offers can be as much as 175% greater than percentage-based incentives.

Optimization Tip for All Your Emails

  1. Make your entire email message clickable. In other words, go beyond a single, clickable call-to-action button to make all key copy (e.g., headlines and subheads) and images in your emails clickable. We’ve found that making this simple improvement typically results in a great lift in click-through rates across a range of industries – as much as 30%!

Looking for ways to improve your email-marketing results? Contact us today and we’ll discuss how FulcrumTech can help you get the most out of your email campaigns.

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