Email Campaigns for Your Recent Web Visitors: Perhaps Your Biggest Opportunity

Have you ever considered sending emails to your recent Web site visitors? Most marketers don’t because they have nothing to relate an email address to a Web visitor. At a recent conference held by Lyris, we saw a growing number of marketers doing just that and yielding incredible results.

We saw some interesting tests that were conducted comparing results of the following segments:

  1. Subscribers who expressed interest in a product via their preference center
  2. Previous purchasers of a product in the product class being promoted
  3. Subscribers who visited the Web site over the last 7 days.

Interestingly, the third segment yielded the most impressive results in the test results presented at the conference.

On a related note, clients have asked, “How is it possible to relate Web site visits to email addresses?” This can be complicated to accomplish, but LyrisHQ simplifies the process. LyrisHQ has a deeply integrated Web analytics tool that’s easily applied to any Web site (similar to implementing Google Analytics). With this tool in place, you can relate email campaigns to Web site visits and create email segmentation based upon those visits…pretty neat!

Have you created and used such Web-visit email segmentation? Please share your results here. We’d love to hear how it has worked for you.

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