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When it comes to email marketing, personalization pays off. Also referred to as one-to-one marketing, personalization in email campaigns can range from simply greeting customers by name to tailoring email content to effectively meet individual customer’s interests and needs. Here we show you just how much of a positive impact personalizing emails can have on your overall email-marketing performance. Plus, we share some great tips for how to add that personal touch to your email communications.

Emails Get 6 Times Higher Transaction Rates Thanks to Personalization

What can personalization do for your email program’s profitability? Increase it substantially, according to the Experian Marketing Services’ 2013 Email Market Study:

  • Personalized emails generated six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email compared to emails that were not personalized.
  • Personalized promotional emails had 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates.
  • Similarly, personalized triggered emails had 25% higher unique open rates and 51% higher unique click rates.
  • Personalized triggered email campaigns demonstrated more than two times the transaction rates of campaigns that were not personalized.
  • Emails with personalized subject lines from multichannel retailers had 37% higher unique open rates compared to emails without personalized subject lines.

So we’ve seen the results of personalizing emails on email performance. But what do consumers think about personalized emails? We can get some insight from a Harris Interactive study of U.S. digital shoppers, which was conducted in December 2013 and reported in eMarketer:

  • 81% of survey respondents said they were at least somewhat likely to purchase additional items at a store or online as a result of receiving personalized emails.
  • 82% of survey respondents said they were at least somewhat willing to get more promotional emails from retailers if they were personalized and took into account past shopping habits.
  • Nearly 70% of survey respondents said they would be willing to share personal preferences with retailers if it would improve the relevancy of the email messages.

6 Great Ways to Personalize Your Emails

As the study results above indicate, prospects and customers are more likely to respond to a personalized email experience that focuses on their individual needs and interests. Personalization is one of the most important ways to keep your recipients opening your emails and engaging with your organization. Plus, with myriad of tools available through email service providers (ESPs) today, creating and sending personalized email messages to your email list is easier than ever. Here are some tips for doing just that:

  1. Use recipients’ names in email messages. Using a person’s name versus a salutation such as “Dear Customer” can go a long way in setting a friendly, familiar tone. Most ESPs let you customize email messages with a first name. And if an individual is on your email list, you should have a first name — so use it!
  2. Use recipients’ first names in the subject line. This is an effective way to help your emails stand out in the inbox. As recipients skim email subject lines, seeing their names is a surefire way to catch their eye. As the Experian study showed, personalizing subject lines increased open rates by 37%.
  3. Keep it personal for the sender, too. When appropriate, use a person’s name in the from line, as well as in the signature of the email message. You have to admit, getting an email from an actual person rather than a corporation creates a much warmer and welcoming experience.
  4. Develop marketing personas. What are the personal attributes, challenges, and goals of your typical prospects and customers? What drives them to purchase your company’s services or products? Or, in the case of a nonprofit organization, what would motivate them to become involved or donate? Developing personas for different segments of your database will help you create more targeted, relevant, and personal content for your email messages.
  5. Personalize email content for individual customers by segmenting your email list. List segmentation is a highly effective way to personalize your email messages. Demographics, purchase history, and the type of content a customer has looked at on your website are just a few ways to create more targeted emails to send to segments of your email list.
  6. Don’t forget to follow through by personalizing landing pages, too. So you got recipients to open and click through your email messages. Be sure to send them to a landing page that targets different segments of your email list and provides specific information about various products and offers.

Need some help with adding that personal touch to your email-marketing messages? Click here to contact the experts at FulcrumTech — or give us a call at 215-489-9336 — and we’ll show you how.

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