Get the Most Out of Your Email Campaigns in 2018

Get the Most Out of Your Email Campaigns in 2018

Email continues to reign as the top dog of marketing channels. Here are highlights of an email-marketing survey that not only show how well the email channel performed in 2017, but also some of the most effective email tactics used by leading B2B and B2C executives. Plus, you’ll find useful resource links to help you implement these email tactics to get the most out of your 2018 email campaigns!

A Look Back at Email Performance in 2017

How is the email channel performing? That’s what Return Path, in partnership with Ascend2, set out to answer in their report: Email Marketing Performance in 2017. For this study, 88 business leaders and marketing professionals in B2B and B2C companies were surveyed. Here are some of the highlights of the survey results:

  • 85% of respondents said that their email-marketing performance is increasing, with two-thirds of them describing the increase as “significant.”
  • More than 90% of respondents said that their email-marketing strategy succeeds at achieving their important objectives.
  • 51% of survey respondents said that increasing return on investment (ROI) is the most important objective of their email-marketing strategy, followed by increasing conversions (44%), increasing list growth (44%), increasing click-throughs, increasing sharing (30%), reducing bounces (23%), and reducing unsubscribes (22%).
  • When asked which metrics they found to be most useful for measuring email-marketing performance, 67% of survey respondents said conversions, followed by ROI (44%) and click-throughs (41%).
  • Email message personalization was rated as the most effective email-marketing tactic by 44% of survey respondents. Other effective tactics included social sharing (41%), meaningful call to action (38%), testing and optimization (36%), list data segmentation (32%), mobile responsive design (31%), and automated campaigns (19%).
  • Survey respondents said that the most difficult marketing tactics to implement include list data segmentation (41%), testing and optimization (38%), and message personalization.

How to Leverage the Top Email-Marketing Tactics That Drive Clicks, Conversions, and Sales

The following are 7 top email-marketing tactics that can help you reach your email-marketing performance goals, along with resource links to implement these tactics.

  1. Personalizing your email messages—From greeting your subscribers by name to tailoring the content of your email messages to meet subscribers’ individual needs, email personalization pays off. Find out how to effectively personalize your campaigns using these NewsLever articles:
  2. Social sharing—By integrating your email and social media marketing, you can more efficiently grow your email list, extend the reach of your email-marketing campaigns, and increase your social media following. Here are 7 tips that show you how to do that:
  3. Creating effective calls to action—Your email call to action should clearly and succinctly communicate: 1) what you want your subscribers to do, and 2) why they should do it. It’s one of the most important factors that drive email conversions. Check out these 10 tips on how to create email calls to action that convert:
  4. Testing and optimization—What types of email testing and optimization should you be doing? Check out this article that outlines FulcrumTech’s proven step-by-step approach for optimizing the performance results and ROI from your email campaigns:
  5. Segmenting your email lists—List segmentation is one of the most effective ways to maximize the relevance of your email messages. In the following article, you’ll find best practices to keep in mind when segmenting your email lists:
  6. Using mobile responsive design—If you’re not already optimizing your emails with mobile users in mind, it’s time to start. Check out the following articles for best practices on how to ensure that your mobile email-marketing efforts have maximum impact on your prospects and customers, as well as how to use responsive design to improve the mobile user’s experience:
  7. Automated campaigns—Marketing automation is a great way to help keep your current subscribers engaged and happy, as well as efficiently convert prospects into customers. Is your company effectively using automation software to streamline your email campaigns? Learn more here about the types of automated campaigns that you should be sending to your prospects and customers:

How did your email-marketing campaigns perform last year? Are you looking to increase revenue and improve your email-marketing ROI for 2018? FulcrumTech can help. Last year, we helped our clients achieve fantastic online growth, including triple-digit improvements year-over-year, as well as online sales records for the best day, best week, and best month ever! Contact the email-marketing experts at FulcrumTech and get started today.

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